Get Government Out Of Relationships

The argument about marriage in our society today is full of emotional considerations. Some believe that there is some sort of “Right” that is associated with relationships and perhaps there are. Others feel this word is a religious word with religious connotations. The word Marriage had its origin in religious ceremonies. It came to be the name that the Government uses to define personal partnerships when the Government took over the record keeping functions formally done by the churches.

The Government doesn’t do emotion and shouldn’t do religion. The Government can only offer legal remedies for any partnerships that they may approve. The first thing a good divorce lawyer does is get their client to stop thinking emotionally and start looking at distribution of assets.

There is no reason for the Government, whether State or Federal, to use the word marriage with all its baggage to describe what the Government see as a contractual business type relationship. Government can’t and shouldn’t act in any other way.

Rename the Government required registration to something more neutral such as “Personal Partnership” or the hated “Civil Union”. Remove the emotion from the Government's realm. After getting the proper approval from the Government for your Personal Partnership, and you still want a marriage ceremony you can get one from someone that supports your particular definition of marriage. Whether that is a Church, a Backyard family thing, or a destination event is up to the individuals to define for themselves.

Work Hard Have Fun!

Bob DeMaura