501(c)(4)'s Prove Democrats Corrupt Hypocrits!

Hypocrisy rules in Liberal-Progressives here in NH. First U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen writes a letter to the IRS calling out Americans For Prosperity and other groups like them 501(c)(4)’s as operating illegally. She suggests that the IRS should do something about them.

Well we all know now that they did do something about them, they harassed and tried to intimidate any “Conservative” groups like AFP as Senator Shaheen calls for in her letter. Note she fails to ask them to investigate groups like MoveOn.org or Organizing For America (the old Obama for America group) which supplies support and people to Senator Shaheen’s campaign.

Now we have Kathy Sullivan, former head of the NH Democratic Party, calling for further investigation of these illegal groups all while she runs a 501(c)(4) group herself. http://nhjournal.com/2013/05/21/sullivan-calls-c4s-gross-misuse-of-tax-laws-despite-running-c4/

We have corrupt politicians, lobbying the IRS to come down hard on groups pointing specifically at Conservative groups like Senator Shaheen did in her letter to the IRS, all the while they are benefitting from these 501(c)(4) groups. In fact OFA is the largest 501(c)(4) in the United States. Oh and did I mention that the Democrats are the recipients of oodles of Union money (4 of 5 largest non-campaign spenders in the 2012 election were Unions) including Public Employee Unions like the IRS Employee Union that donated $5000 to Senator Shaheen's campaign.

As Ed Naile would say Liberal-Progressive thought represents up as down and down as up! The same folks that loitered in front of our Town Houses proclaiming the horrors of Big Government during Republican controlled years are all eerily silent. Can they not put 1 & 1 together and see that the abuses of this administration will be the standards to rule by for the next administration. Precedence will have been set!

Work Hard Have Fun!

Bob DeMaura

Owner/Operator NHInsider.com