Bloomberg and Shaheen are Wrong on the Gun Bill!

The recent Gun Control bill that failed in the US Senate (Thank You Senator Ayotte!) was nothing more than a knee jerk reaction to the Connecticut tragedy. Worse, its main thrust was to make normal legal gun owner behavior a criminal act subject to confiscation of their guns and other assets. Doesn’t this remind you of the IRS scandal targeting and criminalizing average Americans for believing in something other than Liberal Progressive Socialist pabulum!

Bloomberg’s commercials attacking Senator Ayotte claim that this bill would have kept guns out of the hands of the mentally unstable is a bold faced lie. Mentally unstable people are protected by HIPPA, the Health Information Patient Protection Act. The recent Colorado shooter’s caregivers were aware that he was making threats of violence yet no one did anything about it fearing lawsuits.

Bloomberg’s commercials also claim that the bill would have prevented criminals from getting guns. What a Crock of Crap. Criminals still get most of their weapons the same way they always did they steal them! Mayor Bloomberg has control of the New York City Police Department, order them to go out, find where criminals have weapons, which is already against the law, arrest, and prosecute them to the full extent of the law. Pressure the liberal Judges to punish them to the full extent allowed by law.

Senator Shaheen needs to represent her NH constituents, and not the Democratic National Party and the elites that drive their policies. Senator Shaheen also previously voted for a UN Sponsored Gun Control bill that would have turned over New Hampshire residents 2nd Amendment rights to the United Nations! Fortunately for New Hampshire residents the Treaty, supported by 46 Senate Democrats, was not enough to take away our rights. Although rumor has it that President Obama has indicated that he will sign the United Nations Gun Control Treaty without Congressional approval.

To be fair I will offer some solutions:

1.) Revisit HIPPA to make it easier for healthcare professionals to notify Law Enforcement when they suspect a client has plans to implement a violent confrontation.

2.) The States could include a law, or an amendment to current gun laws that make it illegal to posses a stolen gun. I know that is already illegal but I would make it a mandatory 10 years no parole jail sentence. I would include a waiver to this law if the person voluntarily turns in a gun he believes stolen. Include a database of stolen weapon serial numbers!

3.) Mayor Bloomberg could have used the millions he is spending attacking Senator Ayotte to create a program in conjunction with gun safe manufactures to make locking up your guns less expensive.

These 3 simple steps provide far more protection from gun violence than the flawed US Senate Gun Control Bill offered.

Work Hard Have Fun!

Bob DeMaura

NHInsider Owner/Operator