Gov Christie, Your Nanny Statism Is Showing!

This week Governor Christie (R-NJ) signed legislation outlawing counseling people on becoming heterosexual after experimenting with homosexuality. Governor Christie proclaimed homosexuality as natural human condition decided at birth.

Lets get this straight, no pun intended, if a young person goes to a counselor with conflicted feelings it is OK for the counselor to work towards making this young person a committed homosexual but if they counsel on becoming a committed heterosexual the counselor will face a criminal charge and probable loss of license to practice.

As a libertarian leaning person I’m happy that Republican Governor Christie has acknowledged the existence of people who through choice or birth circumstances decided to be homosexual. They have chosen not to continue the species with their blood lines.

However, there are two distinct problems with Governor Christie’s revelations.

First, is the idea that Governor Christie has decided that it is Nature not Nurture. Researchers have been receiving government funding to study these issues. That will no longer be required, as the Governor in his extensive research has come to a conclusion that Nature is the cause. We can eliminate a lot of spending with this decision. For instance, this means that obese people were born with this tendency; we should leave them alone and stop putting pressure on them to conform to other people’s standards. No more funding for LapBand surgeries, special diets, exercise programs etc., in fact we should just make these demeaning procedures illegal.

The greatest offense in all this is that Governor Christie has outlawed a form of counseling therapy. It matters not whether the person or the person’s family wish to have the therapy. The Governor has decided for all of us that we will not and can not get these therapies. This is Nanny Government at work.

Please remember Governor Christie’s true BLUE colors when you vote in the primaries in 2016!

Work Hard Have Fun!

Bob DeMaura