Obamacare + Income Inequality = Death of Middle Class

The American Middle Class will be eliminated, I refer to the Middle Class that was part of our former capitalist system. There was a ladder that could be climbed where a person could lift themselves up from humble roots and proceed up the ladder of success with each generation striving to improve their family’s lot through hard work and perseverance. It was often referred to as the “American Dream”.

We will still have three distinct classes of people. There will still be a wealthy elite class of people, these will include pop culture icons, politicians, and athletes, and the occasional lottery winner. The wealthy elites will be the ones to decide what is best for everyone. There will be a new ‘Middle Class” comprised of unionized government workers there to enforce the will of the elites. Finally there will be the poor, comprised of all those that work in the private sector, as well as the chronically unemployed. This class will never get up out of their situation unless they acquiesce and become “government workers” or win the lottery.

Obamacare will be the main driver behind this demise. Already with just the personal mandates in place, millions of people have lost their insurance only to have it replaced with more expensive insurance with higher co-pays and deductibles. They claim the insurance is so much better, what they really mean is it pays for abortions right up to the babies first breath.

Obamacare’s group mandates will accomplish much of the same but to an even more devastating level. Businesses will see the benefits cutting back on full-time employees replacing them with part-timers and in eliminating health insurance as a benefit, just paying a fine to the government. This will force the employee’s to seek out insurance on the Obamacare exchanges where it is exponentially more expensive. This change is a massive loss of income by middle class workers.

After fifty years of the War on Poverty, it is obvious the war is lost. Obamacare proves it is easier to tear down the middle class to the level of the poor than it is to lift people out of poverty.

Work Hard Have Fun!

Bob DeMaura