Obamacare Eliminates the Need for Planned Parenthood Subsidies!

Every state budget cycle the Planned Parenthood Lobbyists along with their Democrat friends in government tell us how important it is to provide health care for poor women via the Planned Parenthood Clinics, which are primarily know for their abortion on demand policies and practices. The claim is that the money is needed for the poor women for health related items such as mammograms, Ob-Gyn exams, cancer screenings, and other women only health issues. They proclaim absolutely none of the funding would be used for providing abortions or used for their political lobbying activities!

Good news Legislators, with the (Un)Affordable Care Act everyone is required to have health insurance either purchased, received as a benefit, or provided by the government through welfare programs. This eliminates the need to continue subsidizing the Planned Parenthood Clinics. Planned Parenthood practitioners can bill women’s health insurance carriers for payment for any health related issues. If they come across a woman without insurance it is their duty to refer them to one of the (Un)Affordable Care Act Advocates/Navigators that we are paying in excess of a Billion dollars for them to sign up the uninsured.

The Democrats and Planned Parenthood no longer have an excuse to continue this practice.

Work Hard Have Fun!
Bob DeMaura