Shaheen’s Wall Street Billionaires

The Democrats repeat the same mantra that the Republican candidates are all in for The Koch Brothers, Big Oil, and Wall Street. But where are the Democrats getting money to fund their campaigns?

Senator Shaheen, US Rep Carol Shea-Porter and US Rep Annie Kuster are heavily financed by the wealthy elites of Hollywood. There is also Billionaire Wall Street Hedge Fund manager and radical Environmentalist Tom Steyer, and Warren Buffet, majority owner of Berkshire Hathaway and President Obama’s BFF!

The Democrats screamed that Scott Brown killed Senator Shaheen’s Energy Efficiency Bill but nothing could be further from the truth. Scott Brown did contact members of the Senate to see how they were voting on a number of issues, including Senator Shaheen’s energy bill, what he found was not what he expected. All the Republicans were planning on voting for Shaheen’s energy bill! The Republicans along with a number of Democrats had passed an amendment to the bill that would have immediately approved the XL Pipeline project.

Senate President Harry Reid did the only thing he could do to save Senator Shaheen the embarrassment of voting against her own bill to protect the wishes of Tom Steyer and Warren Buffet, he pulled the bill from consideration in the Senate.

Both of these major donors of the Shaheen, Shea-Porter and Kuster campaigns are staunch foes of the XL-Pipline. Steyer is heavily invested in alternative energy companies, anything that would lower the cost of oil is bad for his bottom line. Warren Buffett opposes the XL-Pipeline because his company Berkshire Hathaway owns the railroads that are currently transporting the oil. Neither of these Shaheen donors cares one iota that oil and gas prices could top $8 in the next few years. That affect is a mere rounding error on their monthly budgets. Unlike the rest of us who are having a hard time making the end of the month and the end of the money meet.

Energy poverty is on the horizon if we continue with the Obama/Democrats/Climate Alarmists/EPA energy policies.

Work Hard Have Fun

Bob DeMaura

NHInsider Owner/Operator