A Woman’s Right to Choose

NB: An Abridged 300 word version of this was published in the Tuesday October 28th Edition of the Monadnock Ledger Transcript.  /bobdm


The Democratic Party claims they champion a Woman’s right to choose. Just what is it they let woman choose?

Democrats oppose a woman’s right to choose which school their child attends, to bear arms for self-protection, not to join a union, or what health insurance to buy.

Democrats oppose a woman’s right to choose a job that rewards excellent performance. The Paycheck Fairness and Equality Act would have made it illegal for employers to base bonuses, raises or promotions on performance. It mandated only seniority and educational training could be used. Since women often interrupt their careers to raise a family, when they return to work they are behind their male coworkers in seniority and could never catch up.

Democrats claim they give women the right to terminate pregnancies. Early gestational pregnancy termination was never illegal. The problem was that white male doctors decided who could have a D&C for pregnancy termination. Late term gestational termination defined as after 20 weeks when the baby has all its organs in place, a central nervous system capable of feeling pain and its own heart beat was a rare procedure only used to save a woman in imminent danger of dying. Roe vs. Wade solved the first problem making it available to everyone but unwittingly made it legal for optional late term termination up until the actual due date.

Late term termination is a topic that needs more conversation and regulation. Birth is 100% effective at terminating pregnancy. Since the Abortionist has to kill the baby while still in the birth canal then complete the birthing process to deliver a “stillborn”. Yes this is what Democrats are trying to pass off as “Contraception”. Why not let the baby be born regardless of the gestational week without the messy killing part. The baby should have a right to emancipation from the mother, eligible for benefits from the government such as healthcare and if they survive be available for adoption by any qualified individual or couple, gay or straight. This also alleviates the issue where the baby is born still alive due to a botched abortion. The abortion industry insists that these babies be ignored and left to die. Dr. Gosnell in Philadelphia was convicted because he would then go ahead and finish killing the baby. President Obama while an Illinois Senator stated that the baby born of a botched late term abortion should not be cared for rather left to die.

Women don’t have a right to choose to whom they donate money. Planned Parenthood needs to be defunded. With the advent of the ACA, Planned Parenthood is no different than the hundreds of other OB/GYN/Internal Medicine practices in the state, they can invoice the healthcare plan of the women that come to them for service.

Black Women represent about 14% of the population but account for over 30% of all abortions. They are 56% of all late term abortions. Stunningly 34% of the black population has been eliminated through abortions since the advent of Roe V Wade. Again, Democrats call this contraception, if it were in another country we would call that genocide!

Women who cherish freedom and real rights to choose should vote Republican this election.


Work Hard Have Fun!

Bob DeMaura