Obama Uses Police Racism to Cover His Screwing Blacks With Amnesty Order!

President Obama screwed Black Americans when he issued his Executive Order protecting Illegal Immigrants. Already having the worst unemployment numbers in many decades, Black Americans will feel the effects of Amnesty more than any other socioeconomic group.

Entry level jobs are being filled with illegal immigrants. Blacks looking to start their work life, mostly teenagers, are denied these jobs.

Other black Americans looking to advance in a career are denied promotions as newly arrived immigrants are willing to work for less.

Conveniently, Obama and the other Race Baiters, using the Jonathan Gruber and Obama Administration policy position that most people are too stupid to understand, just screwed Black America and they will never realize it because of his hyperbole over police brutality.

Fact is police brutality crosses racial lines. It doesn’t matter what your race, if you disobey orders from the police, or resist arrest you will get your ass whipped! If you fight back you may get a more severe retribution such as getting shot and killed! Here in the Northeast TASERS (tm) seem to be the weapon of choice.

I recently saw a female officer take down a man half again her size with the Taser! He was drunk and very disorderly yelling profanities, at a local shopping center where families were doing their weekly shopping. The officer arrived on scene alone, tried to talk this guy down but when he started to advance on her, POW! he was down and shaking. She slapped the cuffs on him and waited for backup to help get him in her patrol car.

The real lesson is behave, no matter what your race or ethnicity, or risk paying a huge penalty up to and including your life.

Work Hard Have Fun!

Bob DeMaura