Casinos and Free Enterprise

Having a single, mega-casino is rife with problems right from the get go.

The perception is one of a corrupt process that awarded a sweetheart deal to a single casino operator, Millennium Gambling. Where was the open bidding process, the review of the various proposals with cost benefit analysis?

More important to me is where is the competition? We will be relying on one casino run by one operator to provide revenue to the State. Why is the State so concerned about the actual operation, shouldn’t that be the concern of whomever wins the license. Why are we restricting it to one license, shouldn’t we let the free enterprise system work its magic? What happens when Massachusetts puts in a few casinos and the one New Hampshire casino on the border fails?

Why do we want to restrict the license at the high end i.e.: limit the number of slots/table games they can have? Why not have a minimum requirement and leave the maximum to the business to decide where the fall off point is? The State should just charge X per gambling option (slot or table) and get X% of total revenues.

Think of the possibilities! How about an operator that wants to install a high end casino, nothing less than $5 slots and table games starting at $50 per hand, perhaps as part of an overall high end resort with exclusive golf and recreation, big name headline events with exclusive seating all targeted to the rich elites!

My humble opinion is less State involvement, more competition, and more reliance on free enterprise to decide where, and how big or versatile the venue.


Work Hard Have Fun!

Bob DeMaura