Keno – Fracking the Lottery Well!

Recently the NH legislation passed a bill giving the NH Lottery permission to implement a new game, KENO!

Lottery revenue’s have been below expectations for a few years now.

Are they seriously believing that adding another game with epically bad odds will turn things around for the lottery? KENO is the worst game you can play at a Casino.

Unlike fracking for natural gas trapped in the rock formations, fracking the lottery player well to free up money will not pan out, there is no cash trapped. The traditional lottery player has had their disposable income dramatically reduced by the continuing recession and the inflationary policies of the current Obama Administration.

With a new drawing every 6 minutes, KENO is very casino like. Does this make every little variety store and gas station a mini-casino? Will the Lottery restrict KENO to just restaurants with liquor licenses? Will every town have at least one Lottery Casino?

A far better strategy would be to return the payout levels on scratch tickets to the pre-Gov Lynch era when the lottery lowered the odds of winning by 25%. That loss of 25% of the prize pool has for sure resulted in less money available to purchase more tickets as well as encouraged people to purchase tickets in friendlier States. Take a lesson from real casinos, the money is in the volume!

Work Hard Have Fun!

Bob DeMaura