Obamacare: Abortion is Now Birth Control Next Step Population Control!

With the not so “Affordable Care Act” Abortion is a covered procedure allowed right up to birth. The not so “Affordable Care Act” has changed the conversation, all abortions are now lumped in with the methods of preventing conception such as condoms, birth control pills, IUD’s etc.

Conception was the former dividing line between Birth Control methods and Abortion. Birth Control stopped conception including the infamous “Plan B” pills, which keep the embryo from implanting thus causing conception to fail. Abortion was a surgical option to remove the fetus after conception had occurred, most abortions occur within the first 20 weeks of pregnancy before the fetus is able to survive outside the mothers womb. Late Term Abortions are available right up until birth, the problem is the line is seriously blurred as to why someone would need to terminate a pregnancy with the death of the fetus at this stage. I’m certain there are some serious medical conditions that put the mother at risk that justifies this radical procedure. Unfortunately, there is too many Dr. Gosnell’s out there willing to wholesale slaughter fetuses for any flimsy reason.

The not so “Affordable Care Act” changed abortion to be just another method of birth control erasing the conception line that formerly existed. An end result of this change is softening the perception of the topic, practicing birth control is smart, abortion leaves a very negative connotation. So now abortion is lumped in with “Smart Behavior” birth control.

We now have Government sponsored abortion without the “WinkWink” we don’t use the money for abortions Planned Parenthood funding model.

Where are these changes headed? Is the next step in this progression to change the term birth control to population control? With the Progressive agenda of man caused climate change, wouldn’t the best method for solving the issue be to limit the number of people allowed to live? Is climate change hysteria leading to justifying population control?


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Bob DeMaura