Screw Climate Change, Protect USA from EMP’s

With the loss of Malaysia Airlines 777 an old time Science Fiction scenario has become quite possibly real. The plane is capable of carrying nuclear bombs into the atmosphere and delivering them over any target area they choose. These could be detonated in the upper levels of the atmosphere and the attendant Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) would fry all solid state electronics below. Everything that has a solid state circuit board in its design would no longer function. The Pulse would also be strong enough to fry every electrical transformer in the huge affected area.

In the early 1980’s it was always a part of all conversations with the military regarding the use of computer equipment. The first question would be can it be hardened, meaning can we protect it from strong electro magnetic pulses.

Frighteningly they can also come from the Sun! When the Sun is experiencing strong surface storms the explosions observed by telescope send waves of electro magnetic pulses towards the earth. In the northern part of the northern hemisphere, these are responsible for the Auroras Borealis or the Northern Lights.

While waiting for my wife at an eye doctors appointment I read in a National Geographic magazine an article about EMPs from the Sun! The Astrophysicist quoted said that if the Sun were to have storms such as reported in 1858, every electrical transformer in the northern hemisphere would fry! The power outage would not be measured in days or weeks rather in years as there is not enough transformers in inventory and most are made in China as well!

So screw climate change and its voodoo science. The academics and public employees who have been making these predictions for the past 40 years have been not just kind of wrong but blatantly way off base on all their predictions. Only in Government work and Academia can you be consistently wrong and still employed! They have found a way to bleed money from the people whose real concern is they hate the energy companies and want the government to take over that sector of the economy. Why do they hate them? They feel they are making profits selling to people what already belongs to them, natural resources.

The effort to secure us from EMP’s would be huge, it would be a massive jobs program especially if we insisted that all parts be made or sourced in America.

Hey Republicans, let the Democrats keep “Climate Change” you go after the EMPs and you are immediately the better platform!

Work Hard Have Fun!

Bob DeMaura