Gas Tax Increase OK With Conditions!

There is a clamor for more money to maintain our transportation infrastructure. The NH Senate showed its willingness to accommodate by passing the gas tax bill SB 367.

I can accept a small increase though I don’t believe that there is such a thing as a temporary tax. This will definitely hit the fixed income seniors and disabled. It will also hit the low income people, at least until they get a 39% increase in income with a minimum wage increase proposed by President Obama. Add this on top of a reported 18% increase in groceries and the elderly and disabled are at risk!

I am willing to compromise though with a few conditions.

First, I would want a “Truth in Taxing” clause added that requires every gas station to post the current Federal and State taxes per gallon in a Prominent location easily seen by people using the gas pumps.

Repeal the RGGI taxes on gasoline and fuel. This is a boondoggle if there ever was one. The very first recipient was Stonyfield farms who received $1.2 Million dollars to go green. Not a bad deal for a foreign owned company but a rip-off of NH fuel users! Another who received $75K was The Town of Temple to weatherize their Town House. What a rip-off! After the Energy Crisis of 1973 any town that still hadn’t upgraded their facilities by the year 2000 should not be rewarded with broad based taxpayer support. They should upgrade their own Town House for the savings alone never mind sticking the fuel users with the bill caused by their indecision!

Another would be to eliminate the marine use rebates of the gas tax. All marine use gas tax collected should go to whatever department is in charge of monitoring and maintaining the waterways. Whether that is Natural Resources or Fish and Game or some other agency this would go a long ways to resolving some of their budget issues.

Then there is the issue of Hybrids and Electric vehicles that use little gas and still use the transportation system. How are we going to “tax” these users so they pay their “fair share” of the highway maintenance?

Work Hard Have Fun!

Bob DeMaura