We’re Back…Sort of!

Finally after a week, Staples managed to get my ‘new’ pc up and running and rescued my old files.

Yes they said 2 or 3 days but it ended up 7 days! Why? Because they started using a new order process for the service bundles, that no one seems to know how to run!

I ended up paying an extra $39.99 for virus support that I had already paid for in the One Year Virus Support part of the bundle. I figured I will argue with the store (Amherst) and if I get nowhere then I will go to the corporate people for relief. In the meantime by just paying the $40 bucks I have my new PC.

Much could have been avoided but no one managed to call me with their undercharging/overcharging due to new bundling.

As for the website, the Blogger information on the Front Page is current, I have not mastered the new PC sufficiently to post the Pressers and Newsletters yet. I’m working on it! In a few days I should be able to post most stuff again.

Thanks for your patience!

Work Hard Have Fun!

Bob DeMaura