Donald Sterling Story Driven by Agenda Not Facts!

I waited to broach this subject until the MSM driven hysteria calmed down so a reasonable approach could be talked about. The MSM used their leftist agenda of “Rich white men are evil” to taint their telling of the story! Unfortunately for Donald Sterling and those who wish for racial harmony, the MSM got the entire story wrong, this wasn’t about racism, it is about the tragedy of Geriatric Dementia and the problems that follow it.

Donald Sterling is the 84 year old billionaire owner of the Los Angeles Clippers basketball team. Obviously in his life he attained a huge amount of success, at least at the business of increasing his wealth. Never during this time has there been any accusations of malfeasance. He had been recognized a number of times for his charitable giving, even the NAACP had awarded him 2 honors and had him up for a third when the scandals broke.

Then his journey into the darkness of Geriatric Dementia began. The first signs are he hired an assistant 50 years his junior with no experience in the field. This young lady known as “V” was a definite trollop and gold digger looking to increase her bottom line. Donald in his deteriorating mental state fell for her. He not only paid her well, he also bought her jewelry and paid for her living expenses. The total incentive package was estimated at over $250,000 in a short time period.

It sure does appear that V was clearly baiting Donald with her antics bringing other men to Clippers games and using Donald’s courtside seats. Yes he objected, he viewed V as his concubine since he was paying for her. His wasn’t a racial slur it was a juvenile rage of jealousy. Note he didn’t complain about her bringing women of various ethnic backgrounds only about the men.

Which brings us to the actual taping. Why was V taping the conversations if not to use for extortion purposes? But Barbara Walters didn’t think to ask about that, she was too caught up in proving racism than in getting the actual story.

All the reactions from the Media Frenzy to the NBA Commissioner were overboard and misdirected. MSM should be fined by the FCC for creating mass hysteria with their over hyped message of racism!

V should be jailed for elder abuse, grand theft larceny, extortion, and prostitution. The MSM and all its talking heads should also be charged as accessories to extortion, and elder abuse. The NBA Commissioner should be charged with elder abuse. The other NBA owners should be very cautious as to how they proceed as they could be the next one vilified. Fire the commissioner now before he makes one of you owners his next victim.


Work Hard Have Fun!

Bob DeMaura