The IRS is Lying About Lois Lerners Emails!

The IRS is claiming to have lost all Lois Lerners emails when they suffered a major computer crash! This is a bold face lie! Now it may be lying in a Susan Rice kind of way. They sent someone out to do the lying for them and this person is truly convinced that this is in fact true, the crash of the computer wiped out the data.

It is a lie because any MIS organization of any size bigger than an individual on his PC does nightly system backups to removable media. The media is stored in-house. They also do a major backup of everything at least once a week and depending on the size of the organization it may be a daily activity as well. This media is then sent to secure storage off-site. It is stored and archived there for varying periods but the Government timetable due, to right to know laws is "Forever".

So not only is Lois Lerners emails available, there are numerous copies perhaps in the thousands stored offsite in a secure vault like facility.

I suggest the Committees investigating supoena these backup media immediately before and some Obama Administration flunky starts destroying them.

Unlike the erased 18 minutes in the Nixon tapes, the Obama Administration corruption is available for the country to see!

Work Hard Have Fun!

Bob DeMaura