Open Party Primaries or Letting the Yankee's Choose the Draft Picks For The Red Sox!

Crossover voters! It's come up a few times during the primary election cycles in various states. It was credited as one of the potential reasons for the failure of Rep Eric Cantor to win re-election as the Republican Candidate. It is being credited as one of the reasons that US Senator Thad Cochran will be the Republican candidate for Senate from Mississippi.

I've complained about this same thing happenning in NH. Undeclared voters who lean one way choose the ballot of the party they do not favor so they can vote for the candidate they think will be easiest to beat in the general elections!

These are Party Primaries to select the candidate that best fits the current membership of the parties. Allowing this crossover voting completely voids the idea that these are the best fit candidates that win.

If you are not a member of the Party at least 60 days prior to the election you should not be allowed to select that parties ballot period. You should also have to wait at least 60 days after an election before you can rescind your party selection.

However I am looking forward to the 2016 primaries. I will be relinquishing my party affiliation for the opportunity to select a Democrat ballot in 2016. I think Joe Biden will be a wonderful candidate for the Democratic party in the 2016 Presidential election. Although I still like John Edwards alot, as he truly reflects the ethics and morals of the Democratic Party!


Work Hard Have Fun!

Bob DeMaura