NHDP – Masters of the Media Circle Jerk Maneuver!

The Media Circle Jerk Maneuver as I like to call it is a system that has been implemented  and managed by Ray Buckley the New Hampshire Democratic Party Chairman. Here’s how it works in practice.

The Democratic Party sends out daily press releases announcing all kinds of party and candidate activity. Interspersed in these releases are “attack” releases.  It doesn’t matter if it is Harrell Kirsten, Julie McLain or any number of other authorized personnel all the attack releases appear to be identically formatted.

First a target is selected to be attacked, such as Scott Brown, Republican primary candidate for the US Senate seat currently occupied by Democrat Jeanne Shaheen.

A particular topic or agenda item is selected such as Senator Shaheen’s Energy Efficiency bill that was before the Senate. A political “crime” is described, in this case that Scott Brown spoke with Republican Senators trying to get Senator Shaheens bill killed. This same release is sent out two or three times a day to their media contacts list, until such time as one or more of their faithful journalists writes about the issue in their political columns. It is not all that unusual that a journalist will write the story almost verbatim to the press release with very thin if any personal research.

Finally, to complete the circle, some PAC or other group of political activists are pointed to the article so they can make an agenda commercial calling the candidate out and using the credibility of the media outlet and journalist as proof of their accusations. An example of the ad would be the currently running advertisement from The Senate Majority PAC accusing Scott Brown of killing Senator Shaheen’s Energy Efficiency legislation and bolstering the accusations with quotes from Kevin Landrigan of the Nashua Telegraph and the Huffington Post staff reporter. There is absolutely no proof of this nor any reason for Scott Brown to have done this but it doesn’t matter it was never about reality but about the illusion of reality.

So what really happened?

Of course Scott Brown called some Senators he knew in particular Senator Ayotte who he will be working with when he is elected, to find out what was happening in the Senate. Of course Senator Shaheen’s Energy Efficiency bill was discussed.

What did Scott Brown learn? That all the Republicans were supporting the Shaheen Energy bill because the Republicans had attached an amendment calling for the immediate approval of the XL Pipeline project with the passage of the Energy Efficiency bill.

Senate President Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) killed the bill by removing it from consideration by the Senate. There were two very important reasons Senator Reid killed this bill. First and foremost was to protect President Obama from having to veto the Energy Efficiency bill so as to stop the XL Pipeline. The second was to spare Senator Shaheen the embarrassment of voting against her own legislation to satisfy her California constituents opposed to the XL Pipeline. In particular Billionaire Green Energy Wall Street Hedge Fund Manager and Shaheen campaign supporter Tom Steyer.

A completely baseless accusation has been made, reported on by the media, and exploited in an ad by a political activist organization.

Stay tuned to your televisions for an upcoming Democratic PAC supported ad featuring Walt Havenstein, candidate for NH  Governor, a  Corrupt, Evil, Rich, White Man, who probably even knows the Koch Brothers! 

Work Hard Have Fun!

Bob DeMaura