Hobby Lobby Decision Because You Don’t Own Your HealthCare!

The Supreme’s did an excellent job on the Hobby Lobby case, sticking to constitutional principles. There is never a good reason for the Government to force a person to purchase for someone else a product that they consider repugnant and a violation of their religious definition of life!

However the problem is/should have been easily solved. Unfortunately Obamacare, in 22000 plus pages made no attempt to fix the basic fundamental flaw in our healthcare insurance system. Ownership of the policies is by a third party, your employer or the government and not you!

Home and auto insurance works fine with each state regulating it for the protection of their citizens. People own their policies and can easily switch to another carrier.

The solution is so simple, everyone owns and manages their own Healthcare account. Employers and other entitlement benefit dispensers make your benefit deposits to your account. You select an insurance plan you want from the state approved insurance plans. The insurance companies make an automatic monthly withdrawal from your account to cover your premiums. You can also deposit money into this account at any time or on a set schedule. The excess in your account can be withdrawn by State certified companies that provide healthcare services such as doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, or other approved providers. When you die any remaining funds are deposited into the beneficiary’s healthcare accounts as designated by you.


Work Hard Have Fun!

Bob DeMaura