Ferguson Follies

The freak show in Ferguson MO. has finally died down. The race whores and instigators have slunk off looking for a new venue to get “screen time” from the Media. They will return once the Grand Jury releases its findings.

The looters and rioters have returned home with their loot, looking to use it up or sell it off. This is a tough time of month for those awaiting the monthly money delivery from Uncle Sam, a couple of 31 day month’s wreaks havoc on a budget.

In the meantime the Black/White relations have taken another major step backward. The blacks because this proves they are right the police really do discriminate and punish Blacks. The Whites just tsk tsk look we are right, the Black community is all for protecting criminals both the dead kid who was blatantly disobeying the laws of the land and the follow up riots and looting proved the Black community supports criminal activity.

In reality, the facts bear out a slightly different tale.

For the Blacks that marched peacefully, to protest the treatment of the youth as well as the way the initial investigation began, they lost out. Their message was drowned out by the rioters and race whores who took the fight away from them.

For the police 99.9% of all attempts to arrest end peacefully. No violence stems from these instances. The police are actually on the losing end of most violence, over 500 police officers have been killed over the past 10 years. Over 500,000 police officers have been injured during those 0.1% of arrests that end in violence.

As for them targeting the Blacks in a community made up of over 60% blacks such as Ferguson MO it would appear to be a prejudice against blacks especially since Ferguson Police Force has no Black officers. However if you go to a predominantly White or Hispanic community you will be able to find many folks who will claim the local police pick on them and harass them up to and including physical violence.

The real key to who gets harassed isn’t the color of the skin it is the socio-economic standing of the person. If the person looks and acts like a gangster they get treated like a gangster by the police.

The comedian Chris Rock has a video out that sums all this up pretty well!

How  Not To Get Your Ass Kicked By The Police.... 

A  recent public service announcement to the African American  community...



and this description of the Ferguson MO shooting and subsequent rioting by Johnathan Gentry!


Work Hard Have Fun!

Bob DeMaura