For The Children of Illegals (Dreamers) It’s About ROI!

First let’s clarify exactly who we are talking about. The Dreamers are children who are reaching the age of Majority (18 years old) or have already passed it. They were brought to the USA illegally by their parents when they were small children. They did not commit a crime themselves since the incident occurred before they were of the age to give consent to the actions, it is their parents who committed the crime. The Dreamers do not include the recent flood of children crossing the border by invitation from the Obama Administration.

The Dreamers have lived in the USA for almost their entire life. The speak English, and attended American Public Schools. They were the beneficiaries of welfare assistance, food stamps, and medical treatment.

We Americans through various levels of Government Programs and taxations paid for these things for these children. We have about $250,000 invested in each of these children. We need to make sure that these Dreamers become tax paying citizens thankful for the opportunity.

There are a lot of facets to immigration reform, it needs better security of our borders but it also has to be compassionate and flexible to accommodate the exceptions. My personal take is the current situation is more about failed American foreign policies than anything else but that is another discussion for another day.

Issuing sweeping statements that indicts everyone without an official USA citizenship card, and threatening to implement across the board punitive measures is not an answer to this complex issue. In fact it makes the politicians that don’t acknowledge that this is a complex issue look like knuckle dragging trolls!

People will show all kinds of bravado when in a crowd but behind the voter curtain is a whole different environment. Politicians with draconian immigration solutions will lose in a general election.


Work Hard Have Fun!

Bob DeMaura