NHI Supports Rubens, Garcia, Hemingway and Write in Bruce Marcus For Hills24

NHInsider or more accurately Bob DeMaura, will be supporting the following in today’s primary election.

US Senate

Jim Rubens gets the nod. There are a number of issues that Jim and I see differently. The same could be said for all the other candidates as well. Brown has been a bust campaigning, there was a period where he just couldn’t seem to decide if he was going to do this, needing the RNC and the NH GOP to commit to him before he could decide. Sort of an immature way to decide. His campaign had so many gaff’s it was hard to keep track. The latest being the press release regarding his recent canoe trip on the Contoocook. They point out that “The Contoocook River runs 71 miles long, flowing from Penacook to the Contoocook Lake on the Jaffrey/Rindge border.” That’s news to us folks here on the Contoocook!

Former Senator Smith is a reminder of the GOP of the past, the way back past! Rich white man telling everyone else that he is a moral and ethical person and the rest of us are subject to his definition of morality.

For transparency sake, when NHInsider was just starting Jim Rubens was a Blogger at NHInsider.

US House NH CD2

Marilinda Garcia gets my vote in CD2. She has run a fairly clean campaign with the exception of having to respond to Gary Lambert’s attacks once the polls showed he was trailing by a considerable amount. For me I turned off Lambert when he voted Democrat on a number of critical issues like Cap and Trade to fix man made climate change that doesn’t actually exist. Garcia also gives the NH GOP and the RNC a candidate that isn’t a rich white man.

NH Governor

Andrew Hemingway is our choice for Governor. He’s a thoughtful person. He supports a NH that we remember before the state was flooded with NY and MA refugees. A Libertarian view of what a State should be for its citizens. Walt Havenstein reminds me of Craig Benson and that isn’t a good thing. A State Government is a vastly different creature than a private commercial enterprise. Then his negative baggage that he is carrying around, like being a wealthy person who is willing to cheat and lie to save $9K in taxes!

Hillsborough 24 (Peterborough)

With the latest reshuffling of the NH House districts Peterborough ended up with 2 Reps and no other towns connected with them. Sharon residents were certainly miffed that they were put in with New Ipswich and not Peterborough. After all, they are like Peterborough’s step child, they get all their services from Peterborough often for less than Peterborough taxpayers pay!

Peterborough has always been more moderate, Walter Peterson was a Republican Governor from Peterborough that supported an income tax. In his later years he endorsed John Lynch for Governor.

This year no one was willing to run as a Republican for the NH House from Peterborough. Some of this comes from frustration with the County and State party apparatus that tried to treat Peterborough (and the surrounding area towns) as if we were a big City. Like you could go out one weekend and cover the entire district. As if you only have to contact those registered as Republicans who already claim they support you. At least those were the lists they provided to the locals.

I will be writing in Bruce Marcus on my ballot, if for no other reason than to emphasize that there are more than just moonbeam, energy hating, rich elites in Peterborough!

Work Hard and Vote!

Bob DeMaura

NHInsider owner/operator