Gov. Hassan’s Opioid Plan: Driving People to Heroin Use!

Yesterday I learned of Gov. Hassan’s plan to strictly regulate Opioids putting a 5 day limit on Opioid prescriptions. This is one of the dumbest ideas yet to control the heroin problem. Thinking she can reduce demand for heroin by taking away legitimate usage of “pain” medications. The opposite is sure to happen. Hasn’t she been paying attention, one of the biggest draws to heroin has been the stopping of the prescriptions for pain relief medication. The patient then seeks out other substances to relieve their pain.

There are a number of things that can be done. Causing the price to rise through law enforcement intervention is perhaps the best. Making proper dosages available while undergoing treatment could also work as each day the amount given is reduced until the patient is down to literally a minimal amount or nothing.

Making marijuana available and legal will also help, the biggest problem with this plan is it affects alcohol sales, which almost every State relies on for tax revenue. Note that for all the outrage about tobacco usage, no state has made it illegal to possess or use tobacco. Alcohol is the most abused drug causing the most deaths, including deaths of innocent people, yet nothing is ever done to restrict alcohol usage. No State wants to make alcohol illegal due to loss of tax revenue.

Finally if you are serious about fixing the drug problem then you have to start at the beginning. A serious effort to curb alcohol usage. Alcohol is not only the gateway drug for all the rest of the drugs it is also the companion drug for all other drugs. A heroin user waiting for his fix to be delivered will drink hard liquor as the buzz most resembles heroin. Alcohol also takes more lives than all the other drugs combined and it is not restricted to just the user, innocents are at risk from someone else’s use of alcohol. At least the so called “Heroin Epidemic” results in people taking their own lives, without jeopardizing the lives of innocent bystanders. 

Work Hard, Have Fun!

Bob DeMaura