Booze, Bets, Butts, and Beer NH Has An Addiction Problem, Who Knew?

NH is all about addiction! Our main revenue streams are from Booze, Bets, Butts, and Beer with Buds soon to be added. So why are we shocked that there are a number of people using heroin. It is currently one of the cheapest of the addictions, a lot of that savings is due to the fact the State of NH hasn’t managed to add on taxes to the product.

Perhaps that is the real solution, make it all legal and tax the hell out of it. Any politician that claims they are concerned with the addiction factor is lying, or else they would have voted to make all the above illegal and not the center piece of our taxing strategy!

It wasn’t addiction to heroin that called attention to this issue, we have had heroin around for many years, and no one stepped up and called it an epidemic. Now that young adults are dying from overdoses of ‘bad’ heroin it is suddenly a crisis. Reality is the overdosing problem is a quality control problem and has little to do with addiction. ‘Bad’ heroin is showing up on the streets. This is either stronger than the average user is accustomed to or it has been cut with other potentially lethal drug combinations such as Fentanyl.  The users are using the same amount they always used but now they are dying!

And we have a big election coming in 2016, so all the candidates are jumping on the bandwagon to ‘solve’ the problem.

All I’m saying is the Government caused the problem when they got between Doctors and their patients and regulated who could get opioid pain killers. This caused the patients to seek relief elsewhere. Now the government claims they can solve this problem by putting more barriers between Doctors and their Patients and of course a large sum of money, $11.1 million more thrown at the problem. Gov Hassan promises she has the answer. Gov Hassan has shown a unique ability to totally misunderstand the problem so her first reaction is more of the same crap that caused it in the first place.

I can only hope that the NH House and Senate will be able to step back and carefully consider the options and possible solutions. Gov Hassan shows her preference for Bird Shot, just scatter money everywhere and perhaps some of it will be beneficial.

Work Hard Have Fun!

Bob DeMaura

NHI Owner/Operator