How to Find Hillary’s Emails, Lois Lerner's too!

It is so frustrating to watch the select committees trying to find lost emails and get straight answers from high level bureaucrats. Of course these are important at least in their mind Congressmen and Senators who wouldn’t think of interviewing people way below their pay grade. More problematic is they haven’t got a clue as to how technology works and what are the functions of server administration.

Asking for the server is unnecessary, you do not need to have the exact hardware to recover the user data files. You can download the user data to any machine that is running the same type of operating system.

Here’s how to find all those emails or proof that Hillary Clinton and the IRS both took actions to obstruct Congress from getting to the bottom of these scandals.

First subpoena the system administrators and ask a few simple questions.

Did you do backups of the user data? How often? Did you ever do complete image copies of the user data? How often? What were your plans for recovery from a catastrophic event, such as a fire, bombing, or severe EMP event? Where were these backup media stored? What process was in place to retrieve these backup media? Who had the authority to request the backup media?

Next subpoena the management of the off-site storage company. Ask them about their policies for retrieving, or destroying media? Ask for a complete inventory of the media and a full history of all the coming and goings of the media and who requested it.

Next subpoena the actual backup media. Get a good techie to unload them from the backup media.

Viola! You now have all the old emails or proof that Hillary Clinton’s staff and the IRS took definitive action to obstruct Congress.

Work Hard, Have Fun!

Bob DeMaura