NH Rebellion Claims Bipartisanship but Actions Tell a Different Story

NH Rebellion, is the supposed non-partisan grassroots group, working to overturn the Supreme Court’s decision called Citizens United. Citizens United decision allowed corporations and individuals to contribute unlimited amounts of money to groups organized under the IRS 501(c)4 rules to be used for issue advocacy.

First the claim that they are a grassroots organization falls apart when you realize NH Rebellion and other groups like it in the USA are funded primarily by a 501(c)4 group called Public Citizen.

According to their recent press releases they were active protesting outside the NH GOP’s FITN event this past weekend. Demanding the Republican candidates reveal their positions on this divisive issue.

Yet there has been no press releases from NH Rebellion about how they would demand of Hillary Clinton the same information during her visit to NH. What’s the matter cat got your tongue?

Or could it be that you are only interested in suppressing the speech of the Republicans and are just fine with all the money pouring into the Democrat coffers from the Billionaires and Unions that agree with your political ideology! 

Work Hard Have Fun!

Bob DeMaura