New Face of Intolerance - The LGBT Community!

The new face of intolerance raised it's ugly head this past week, the LGBT community! That's right they are now the least tolerant group in our society.

Sadly it isn't because they themselves are inherrently intolerant but because the left wing of the Democrat party needed to create hate and division in our society for a better chance at winning the 2016 elections. Powerful groups of "community organizors" unite to stir up hated and vitriol where the wounds were healing nicely from past skirmishes. They came along and ripped off the scab, making it hurt and bleed again for their gain. Demanding that small business not only serve LGBT's but they now must also participate in the LGBT rituals, the very rituals that they find offensive.

The gays are being used to push a political agenda based on dividing the country, creating hate amongst the different groups. Perhaps the gays will awaken before the 2016 elections and vote based on competency and not some hyped up illusion of hate!

Here's a rather funny but accurate portrayal of this silliness!

I call this section?

What would Mohammed Do?