Senator Ayotte’s Office Phones Jammed!

This past Thursday 6/11/15 the US Senate office of Senator Ayotte had their phones jammed by an unknown perpetrator. Making things worse was the method, they appeared to use a voter list of the Senator’s supporters, or at least Republicans to do the jamming from their phones.

Here’s how it went down. You would get a call from a NH number, i.e.: a 603 number. I know this isn’t actually true anymore due to unlinking of the numbers from the phone companies. That is the impression though that you get when your Caller ID says Danbury NH 603-nnn-nnnn. After saying hello you are in a pause state for a few seconds, then you can hear it ringing somewhere. In a few seconds the ringing phone gets answered “Senator Ayotte’s office, how can I help you”.

Now the original receiver of a call is connected automatically to the Senators office. It now takes a few minutes to explain how you weren’t actually calling Senator Ayotte’s office rather just answering a phone call.

According to Senators Ayotte’s office this had been happening all day long. Wasting valuable time on both ends of the phone, causing legitimate callers to the Senator’s office to ring busy!

Here is my diagnosis, it is either a clever scheme to circumvent the phone jamming laws by having actual callers making the calls even if it is without their permission. Perhaps a test run for future use. Or it is the result of a poorly designed and implemented auto dialer scheme to push a particular ideological position, in which case they should step forward and issue an apology to the Senator and all the people they auto-jammed that day!

Which do you think it was?

Work Hard Have Fun!

Bob DeMaura