Which is Politically Corrupting, $350K from Family or $3.2 Million from Hedge Fund Manager?

Ray Buckley made his weekly rant denigrating the integrity of NH CD-1 US Representative Frank Guinta, in a recent press release. The basis of his claim that Frank Guinta is a “Damned Liar” is grammatical bit- slicing of statements Congressman Guinta has made regarding a $350,000 donation to his campaign against Carol Shea-Porter from his parents in New Jersey. Buckley uses some of the statements made by Congressman Guinta’s mother regarding this donation but ignores other statements made by this aging woman. Buckley demands that Congressman Guinta return this money as it wasn’t his, even though Congressman Guinta’s mother has made other statements claiming this was in fact Congressman Guinta’s money as partly his and partly his future inheritance.

Buckley has two motives, first to besmirch the reputation of Congressman Guinta in preparation for the 2016 election cycle, second to distract the NH voters from the fact that the NH Democratic Party 2016 candidates to Federal office, US Senator Shaheen, US Congresswoman Kuster and Governor Hassan have accepted $3.2 million dollars into their campaigns from California Billionaire “Green” Energy hedge fund manager Tom Steyer.

Unfortunately for Congressman Guinta, many of NH’s political journalists and editors are very Liberal and basically cut and paste directly from Ray Buckley’s press releases. Yes, todays journalists and editors are basically lazy and are willing to sacrifice their integrity for ideological reasons. Sadly, many Republicans elected to hold State office positions are easily led by the liberal media to distance themselves from Congressman Guinta to protect themselves from future nasty press releases from Ray Buckley which the liberal media will regurgitate, potentially hurting their chances of re-election.

So the question remains “What is more corrupting, Family Money or Hedge Fund Money”?

The Democrats want to peg Congressman Guinta a liar based on the conflicting statements made by an elderly woman. Somehow this is supposedly corrupting but I fail to see how. Will Congressman Guinta vote for a special Social Security payment just for his mom?

Or is the $3,200,000 donations made to Shaheen, Kuster and Hassan by California Billionaire Tom Steyer corrupting? What does Mr. Steyer expect from these 3 NH women? Perhaps votes maintaining so called Green Energy subsidies. Preferential treatment of so called Green Energy companies by Congress on future votes protecting his massive investments in so called Green Energy companies. Perhaps even a bailout of California’s broke pension funds, or other special treatments for California.

I suggest NH’s Republican elected officials get some backbone and stand up for Congressman Guinta.

NH Voters need to give this situation a thorough examination of facts and motives and vote accordingly.

Work Hard Have Fun!

Bob DeMaura