Christie Proves He is a Bully Hypocrite!

Did you see Christie at the debate the other night? He interrupted Trump and Fiorina when they were discussing their business experiences, to tell them no one cares, the 50 yr. old construction worker doesn’t care about their resumes.

Then he went on to tell everyone what he had accomplished as Governor of New Jersey and as a federal prosecutor. That is, he reviewed his resume through rose colored glasses as if that same 50 yr. old construction worker probably a New Jersey union worker, cared about Christie’s record.

Further along he chastised Fiorina for interrupting him, proclaiming she had been doing it all night. That’s called projection Gov. Christie, when you place what you have been doing all night onto someone else.

Time for you (1% and sinking) to go back to Jersey to work your bully tactics. I have an idea why don’t you shut down a bridge or two to punish a mayor from the other party that won’t join with you. A move that punished thousands of Americans and made not one spec of a difference to the Mayor of Ft. Lee.

Work Hard Have Fun!

Bob DeMaura