Everybody WINS! Late Term Abortion Policy

Over 40 years ago the Supreme Court ruled that all women have a right to pregnancy termination in the case known as Roe V Wade. It was never clarified as to when this right applied. Was it only in the early stages where a simple D & C (dilation and curettage) would suffice or did it apply to late stage pregnancy when a more involved medical procedure called Partial Birth Abortion was required? In this procedure the women is induced to deliver the child. A Doctor then kills it using various procedures such as crushing the head before the child is fully delivered.

In that same time period other things have changed dramatically, in particular technology. A computer that in 1974 occupied a very large room requiring 24-7 coverage, tons of air conditioning and large quantities of electrical power, today is 10+ times more powerful and fits in the palm of your hand. One area that benefited the most from this technology explosion was the medical field.

It is now time to redefine late term abortions. Here is my take on how to handle this issue.

A woman will still be able to terminate their pregnancy after 18 weeks of gestation. However we can eliminate the messy killing part of the process. The woman will go to her local clinic where her doctor is located. They will make an appointment for the procedure for her at a medical center with a neo-natal intensive care unit. She will be given a voucher for mileage from her home to the local clinic and from the local clinic to the medical center. She will be reimbursed for the mileage at the rate of $1 per mile round trip.

She will bring the voucher to the medical center on the day of her pregnancy termination procedure, and turn it in at the medical center on admission. She will also sign away all rights to this child to the State division of child welfare. The State child services department will now make all decisions regarding this child.

The women will then be dilated and labor induced. When the child is born it will go immediately to the neo-natal intensive care unit. It will be cared for throughout the remaining gestation period by the medical center. Once the child has reached the end of the gestation period the State will arrange for an adoption.

Should the child perish before reaching the end of gestation the State will turn over the child’s body to the medical researchers they have approved for further medical research, including using body parts and things like stem-cells for the care of the already born but ill humans.

Upon discharge the women will be given her mileage reimbursement in cash by the medical center. The medical center will then submit the voucher for reimbursement at the rate of $1.25 per mile to the State.

Everybody wins with this plan. The woman gets her pregnancy terminated, the child gets a shot at life, researchers get the opportunity to experiment with the bodies of the children unable to survive, the medical center gets paid for and the chance to make improvements in the care and nurturing of the tiny premature birth children and doctors and nurses are no longer put in the position of having to terminate i.e. kill small helpless children. Researchers get access to materials needed for experimentation, ill humans of all ages get access to perhaps life saving materials, and perhaps most important politically both Pro-Lifers and Pro-Choicers get the results they lobby for.

Work Hard Have Fun!

Bob DeMaura