ABC News & WMUR – Use FAKE Data to Exclude Carly From Debate!

Isn’t it ironic that ABC News, staunch supporters of Hillary Clinton, are using fake polling data to exclude Carly Fiorina from the Republican debate in NH. They had actual voting results from Iowa that they could have used but chose not to.

Yes Fake data. The polls are corrupt, people lie on these polls, and especially if you are receiving 3 – 4 polling calls every day. Yes some are real polls and some are candidate sponsored polls. What they all have in common is they only include the candidates they choose. Carly has been left out of those polls, as well as some other candidates. Yes of course when you average the polls a whole bunch of Zero selections certainly drive down the averages. They are Zero selections because they weren’t offered as a choice.

I know when they ask me which of these 4 candidates or 6 candidates I would vote for, I have no choice but to lie. I always select TRUMP when put in that position. I hope this comes back on them when they do the after the actual vote review and find their numbers were way off for TRUMP, and Trump gets a kick in his EGO when his actual vote counts are way less than anticipated.

I encourage everyone who thinks this is an outrage to not watch the debates tonight unless Carly is in the mix. That’s right protest the whole sham debate, not watch the advertisers, and get them really low numbers of viewers as punishment for trying to influence the candidate selection instead of just reporting on it.

Carly is absolutely correct “It is time to take our country back”!


Work Hard Have Fun

Bob DeMaura