Bush Campaign Desperation – Supporter Claims Fiorina Has Dropped out!

The Bush campaign is now at the desperation stage. A door knocker supporter with Jeb stickers on and Jeb handouts and a clip board just told me that Carly had dropped out of the race when I told her I was supporting Carly.

She asked if I would be supporting her guy Governor Bush. I said No. She asked who I would be supporting (there’s a Carly sign on my lawn). I replied Carly.

Oh it’s too bad that she is dropping out of the race!

I said “What are you talking about”

She said “Yes, it was just on the news.”

I said “You are lying, Carly is not dropping out.”

She said “No Really, I just heard it on the news she is dropping out”

I replied “I know you are lying because I would have heard way before you. My Son is the ED of Carly for America! So get the hell out of here!”

And off she scurried.

Wow Jeb that is way in the gutter politics!

Work Hard Have Fun

Bob DeMaura