Fiorina For President!

Carly has the experience and leadership skills needed to get our country back on track as defined by our Constitution, a Democratic Republic. Carly is the only candidate to recognize the base cause of our major problems is the ever growing size of the Federal Government. From the EPA to the IRS, the Department of Education to the Department of the Interior and all the departments in-between have grown exponentially and with that growth comes ever expanding rules and regulations crushing middle America.

Carly knows the system is rigged from personal experience. Just this past weekend she was excluded from the Republican Debates by ABC News and WMUR despite beating or tying 3 of the candidates at last week’s Iowa caucuses that did debate. Why was she excluded? Perhaps because ABC News supports Hillary Clinton and Carly poses the greatest threat to Hillary’s coronation. Or it could be the fact that the Republican Party leadership appears to be clinging to their view that women are second class citizens.

Despite all the roadblocks put in her way she has soldiered on delivering her message of a small limited Federal government, Sovereign rights of the States, and the restoration of the Character of our Nation.

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Vote for Carly for President! 

Work Hard Have Fun

Bob DeMaura