Trump Wants To Change the Rules!

Amazing, just amazing. Here is this supposedly intelligent person who defines himself as a Very Good Republican, yet he had no clue as to how the nominating process works. Now that he has learned how it works he wants them to change it just for him! After all he didn't have the opportunity to change it before it got this far and that is unfair!

But the real reason he didn't get to change it before this election cycle is because contrary to what he blathers on about he wasn't a Republican, so he wasn't part of any of the Party decisions.

And his success can be traced directly to Open primaries versus Closed, party member only primaries. Almost all the states Trump won are Open Primary states. He loses regularly in Closed, Party member only states. Personally I have always thought that Open Primaries would be like having Open Draft picks in Baseball, I.E. letting the Yankees pick the players the Red Sox will get to work with.

If the RNC doesn't want this happening again they need to shut down all open primary states.

Work Hard Have Fun!

Bob DeMaura