Trumps Army of 20 Minute Republicans

Donald Trump has built a virtual army of voters, many of which were found in the ranks of the undeclared voters sometimes referred to as independent voters. This was possible due to a system that rewards people for being disconnected from the process. They are allowed to select any ballot they wish either Republican or Democratic in the primaries. Then after voting they are allowed to immediately return their status to undeclared. This process takes about 20 minutes from getting a ballot, voting, submitting the ballot and then going to the Supervisors of the Checklist table to submit their change party affiliation card returning to Undeclared status.

When Trump declares that he is bringing thousands of people into the party he is just blustering or perhaps he doesn't actually know that these voters were strictly 20 minute Republicans. They have no intention of supporting the party, helping to raise money for other races almost as important like US Senator or US House Representative. 

So when the RNC called me, it could have been the NRSC or the NRCC, looking to get me to contribute to their cause I told them to go and solicit all those thousands of new party members, the 20 minute Republicans, Trump says he brought to the table. They should be able to raise millions of dollars from such a large group. Only problem is it will take some research to figure out who these 20 minute Republicans are since their status was Undeclared before the election and it is Undeclared after the election.

One way to fix this is to eliminate the open primaries, make the voters select their party affiliation 90 days before the election. Another is to find a candidate that will run as an Undeclared. Then Undeclared's would be forced to vote in the Undeclared election with no option to select another parties ballot.

For certain we wouldn't be in this Trump mess, he lost almost all closed primary states where only Republicans could vote for who would be the Republican candidate.

Work Hard Have Fun!

Bob DeMaura