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House Bills Will Improve Government Transparency

Right to Know New Hampshire, has authored and submitted, to the New Hampshire House of Representatives, three bills to bring the letter of the right to know law closer to the spirit of the law.  These bills, which amend the Right-To-Know law (RSA 91-A), will help to increase public disclosure and improve government transparency.

House Bill 2016-H-2581 requires the content for nonpublic meeting minutes meet the same minimum standard as public meeting minutes.  Historically, some public agencies have skirted the spirit of the right to know law by producing nonpublic minutes with less content than their public minutes counterparts.  This bill will now require that both public and nonpublic minutes meet the same minimum content requirements including the names of members present, persons appearing before the governmental agency, a brief description of the subject discussed and all final decisions made.   With few exceptions, the public has the right to know who attended and what transpired during a nonpublic meeting.  This bill will increase your ability to exercise that right and to know the actions of your government.

House Bill 2016-H-2582 requires that when a vote is taken during a nonpublic meeting, the minutes of that meeting shall record all votes such that each member’s vote is recorded, so you, the voter, will know how your elected officials are representing you.  The law is currently vague in regards to how votes are to be recorded during nonpublic sessions, allowing for the possibility that the exact voting record of each public official is not recorded.   Since the public is excluded from nonpublic sessions, any degree of secrecy in the way that our government officials vote diminishes government transparency, and accountability.  With this bill, the exact vote of each public official is required to be recorded in the meeting minutes.

House Bill 2016-H-2580 requires that when a quorum of the public body convenes for the specific purposes of strategy or negotiations related to collective bargaining or for consultation with legal counsel, a record of the meeting must be kept.  The record only contains minimal information such as meeting place, date, time, and the people in attendance.   Currently, the law does not require any record be kept of such meetings.  Having no record of such meetings raises concerns among the public that our government is conducting business in secret.  A simple record that a meeting took place does not jeopardize the privileged nature of these meetings, but does help to remove the veil of secrecy and provide a greater level of public disclosure and government transparency.

Government transparency is a not a partisan issue.  It is a core value in a democracy and helps voters make informed decisions.  Yet, when our state, counties, school districts, and municipal government agencies meet behind closed doors, government transparency becomes limited.  While there are some legitimate reasons why these agencies may exclude the public from attending nonpublic meetings, these meetings should still be sufficiently documented to ensure a record is kept of all actions and discussions which occurred during nonpublic meetings.  These three bills will help advance the greatest possible public access to the actions, discussions, and records of all public bodies.

Citizens have the right to access the documents and proceedings of their government.

Part I, Article 8 of The New Hampshire Constitution states that government should be open, accessible, accountable, and responsive.  RSA 91-A, known as the Right-To-Know Law states “Openness in the conduct of public business is essential to a democratic society.”  The purpose of the Right-To-Know Law “is to ensure the greatest possible public access to the actions, discussions and records of all public bodies, and their accountability to the people.”  Government transparency is a prerequisite for government accountability. 

Please help us protect our rights to an open and transparent government by contacting the House of Representatives Judiciary Committee

(email: HouseJudiciaryCommittee@leg.state.nh.us ) and asking them to support all three bills.

More information about Right-To-Know New Hampshire can be found at righttoknownh.wordpress.com or email us at righttoknownh@gmail.com





Liberal Democrat Governor Running for US Senate Temporarily Against Importing Terrorists

Liberal Democrat Governor Running for US Senate Temporarily Against Importing Terrorists

By now you have seen the news about one of the few Democrat governors, Maggie Hassan, opposing Barak Hussein Obama’s efforts to flood America and NH with Syrian refugees, whose numbers will certainly contain Islamic terrorists. (Can Maggie Hassan even say Islamic Terrorists? Most progressives can’t.)

Promising to respect the will of the majority of NH citizens is something one can expect from any politician seeking higher power. So it isn’t a stretch to see Maggie the Red bucking her orders from the Democrat party elites – for the time being. One press release from Obama saying his Syrian refugee vetting is 100% accurate and Maggie will be all in.

A better gauge of where Maggie Hassan and all progressive Democrats stand regarding importing terrorism would be this unguarded, pre-Paris, post-9-11 letter another liberal moonbat recently sent Obama.


Progressive NH Democrat Congress person, and Middle East expert, Annie Kuster actually signed a letter dated, of all dates, September 11, 2015 to Barak Hussein Obama asking for more “refugees fleeing the conflict in Syria” to be allowed safe haven in the United States.

Annie Kuster, Jeanne Shaheen, Liberal Gubnatorial candidate Colin Van Ostern, and Maggie Hassan all want what liberal Democrats nationwide want – more votes – more power, and by any means possible. This is the easiest way to register fresh Democrats, instantly.

I would take Maggie Hassan’s fake plea for a halt to bringing more terrorists to our shores with skepticism. It’s a buck tooth head fake.

Here is what our liberal NH Democrats really want, spelled out in the Annie Kuster supported letter to Obama.

Liberal Democrats want the UN suggestion of 200,000, for the most part undocumented refugees, guaranteed to include terrorists, set loose in America by the end of 2016.

Anyone take a bet on it being done by November 1, 2016 in time for an important election?


Breaking News Certainly Is a Trial

Is it puzzling that sitting in NH, awaiting trial for voter suppression aimed at Republicans, is a multi-state Democrat activist who has a long history of dirty tricks and shady activities – but the media and Republican Party have no interest in him at all?

Or is this business as usual?

Carl Robert Gibson has been registered to vote in at least five states in the last five years and has residences in three.

He was arrested in NH in May of this year for voter suppression while a volunteer for far left Democrat candidate Maureen Mann who was running for a NH House seat in a special election. He pretended to be Mann’s Republican opponent in that special election and issued a fake press release saying Mann’s opponent was dropping out of the race days before the votes were to be cast.

But this is type of behavior is common to Carl Robert Gibson.

In 2011 Gibson issued a fake press release to reporters at the Associated Press, who are also uninterested in Gibson’s activities in NH, stating General Electric was going to pay billions in “owed” taxes, causing GE stock to drop by billions. For some reason, no charges were filed.

Before that, in 2010, Gibson was fired from Mississippi Public Radio for releasing the stations inner office communications to friends at a liberal paper, story here: https://www.benton.org/node/39769 His quote at the time: Leaking the memo was a violation of MPB policy, Gibson acknowledged, but he mostly regrets sending it from his office email account, which was traceable. "I was not the only one leaking emails; I was the only one that got caught."

In 2012 Gibson came to NH to, by his own admission and book he wrote about it; to work with a multi-million dollar left wing political action committee called CREDO PAC, tasked with the job of defeating Congressman Frank Guinta. Gibson organized street protests and media attacks. He also registered to vote from a post office address of 26 Summit Street, the back door of his apartment at 85 Center St. in Concord.

As a side note, Gibson registered to vote and voted in Madison, Wisconsin in 2013 from his home at 244 Lakeland Place and voted again in Concord by absentee in the 2014 NH General Election.

Gibson has arrest records in half a dozen states from his political activities, mostly minor stuff like trespassing during protests.

So who pays for all this? And how did Maureen Mann meet Carl?

In 2013 Gibson had an apartment in Wisconsin, NH, a current drivers license from Elizabethtown, Kentucky, and a car registered at his abode in Old Lyme Ct., where he was also registered to vote.

I am old enough to remember the Republican phone jamming news sensation that went on for eight years or more. A reporter from the Manchester paper spent his every waking moment digging up all kinds of minute details on that case. Find a refresher here:  http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/news/837860/posts

News media and Democrat mouthpieces had that incident linked right to the White House and Halliburton – if not the Military Industrial Complex itself!

The last time we caught an interstate Democrat dirty trickster, most people can remember, it was Geoff Wetrosky the sign and vote stealing South Dakota resident living and voting from Democrat Kathy Sullivan’s home in Manchester. He was also a Democrat US Senate staffer like several other out of state vote thieves The Coalition of NH Taxpayers exposed in the last few years. But the NH media seems uninterested.

Once again, who is paying for Carl Robert Gibson to travel all over the United States from at least 2010, organizing protests, getting arrested, serving as the communications director for various left wing Democrat candidates, and generally making a nuisance of himself?

The Concord paper is supposedly interested in NH’s weak campaign finance laws.  Mainly they are targeting Americans for Prosperity’s past campaign filings. I commend them for doing Larry Lessig and the Vt. ice cream CEO’s bidding and all, but isn’t a pretty good story sitting in their back yard?



Extreme Media = Gang of Hate

As they have been doing since I was reading Jack Anderson as a teenager, the Extreme Media have targeted a conservative for destruction. This time it is Dr. Ben Carson.

But this time is different.

This conservative Republican candidate is standing up on his hind legs and fighting back. And the Extreme Media is losing.  It is fun to watch and may be a turning point and once again expose the Extreme Media/Elite Republican cabal that tries to dismantle any opposition to the “Washington, DC is the center of the Universe” crowd.

The other day I saw some elites were mocking Candy Carson’s outfit in a side by side fashion comparison with Mrs. Obama. Oh how sophisticated Mrs. Obama is compared to Candy Carson, they think. And this is how they intend to mock Dr. Ben Carson’s wife and make her squirm from personal attacks leveled from all sides?

The elites in the Extreme Media are planning to have at Mrs. Carson by attacking her looks, when they have a female candidate who is simply stunning in her pants suits? Is that a good idea? Or have the progressive nothing left but hate and ridicule – again.

Earlier this year I sat between Dr. Ben Carson and Candy Carson in Exeter for about half and hour having coffee and talking with them. This was when Dr. Carson signed the Americans for Tax Reform - No New Taxes Pledge.

It is difficult for me to remember meeting a nicer, down to Earth couple involved in a Presidential Primary than the Carson’s. They are right in there with Shelly and Pat Buchanan. They are people you would like to sit and talk with about any subject.

So the Extreme Media thinks the Carson’s are soft targets because they are a soft spoken and humble couple unlike what the Democrats have to offer in the way of the Clintons or Obama’s?

This could blow up in the Extreme Media’s face.

I hope so. America would be better place instantly.




What CHANGE Looks Like – Rich Girard Wins Seat on Manchester School Board

What CHANGE Looks Like – Rich Girard Wins Seat on Manchester School Board

Oh its gets better. He beat an incumbent school board member by a fist full of votes.

So much for right to know requests for documents from the school, the books are wide open to Rich Girard – and the public - now.

I am not sure if the progressive handbook for running a school board includes a chapter on dealing with a newly elected member who has a popular conservative talk show. It’s safe to say Manchester, NH would be a good place for educrats to learn how to cope with a worthy adversity who will take issue with perennial public school problems. Let’s try, for starters, no more secret meetings, no more blank checks, students first, and school administrators are not deities.

There is an old trick tax and spend school boards use to quiet an upstart. Here is how it goes. I will use the name “Rich” as an example:

“Now Rich, we want the school board to show unity. Unity is very important. So when we make a decision as a school board and you are on the losing side of a decision, you will vote with the prevailing side. This will show that we can all cooperate.”

If the progressive school board handbook is ever re-written to include a new chapter on how to deal with an incoming school board member who just unseated an incumbent, who has a popular conservative talk show, and who also has experience with municipal budgets, I would suggest they completely avoid that old trick, unless they want to see pigs fly.

Rich Girard brings a whole new dynamic to public education in Manchester. It is what Manchester voters asked for in one of the largest turnouts in a long time.


Rich was the only Manchester candidate to unseat an incumbant tax and spender.

The out-of-state campaign workers for Hillary were working the city to defeat Mayor Ted Gatsas in preperation for working on the Presidentail Primary - they were the big losers.