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Interstate Crosscheck Bad, Interstate Voters Good?

There is a national program that identifies duplicate names of registered voters from among states that belong to it. It is called the Interstate Crosscheck Program run by the Secretary of State of Kansas.

Here are two sites that explain how it works. The first is a slide presentation of the Program. The second is a sample copy of the recent contract with Pennsylvania:



The program, run by state officials, combines voter lists from member states and locates matches of voters with similar information such as first name, middle initial, last name, birth date, and in states that keep such records, the last four digits of the person’s S.S #.

The site does nothing more that that. It works with the data supplied by the member state and cooperating employees.

The Interstate Crosscheck Program does not investigate, or prosecute voters who come up as matching a voter in another state. That is left up to the state to do.

There are certainly other sites that have opposing information about the program run by a Republican Secretary of State in Kansas. These sources are for the most part from an original story by a blogger who was featured on Al-Jazeera. The ACLU and civil rights groups are also critical of the program. Here is the Al-Jazeera article:


The Interstate Crosscheck Program is as good as the information sent to it and can be updated and checked for accuracy. They have been doing this since 2005.

NH has a House Bill, HB 620, to require the Secretary of State to join the program. SoS William Gardner has very recently admitted in a newspaper article that New Hampshire has a “drive-by voter problem” he has witnessed himself.

Since 2000, The Coalition of NH Taxpayers has documented election law violations and voter fraud. We have documented the often denied “bus load of out-of-state voters.” CNHT has documented double voters and double registered voters who vote inter-state as they choose. Each type steals a vote from a NH citizen.

Now we have a piece of legislation that would simply sort out voters in other states who are registered here and in their home state as well. There are some voters who are multi-state registered as well, leaving behind open spots for anyone to take their place long after they have gone. CNHT caught that in Manchester in 2012 with Mo., NH, and North Carolina, registered campaign worker, Caitlin Ann Legacki. Look it up.

Opponents of House Bill 620 say that by joining that program we risk losing the private information of New Hampshire voters.

Is that so?

I have been active in this voter fraud documentation issue for fifteen years. And I would like to see the name of one person who has had his private information unlawfully revealed through an investigation of voter fraud by The Interstate Crosscheck Progarm in any state since the program began.

If opponents of clean election laws have an issue with investigating, documenting, and prosecuting voter fraud in NH by joining The Interstate Crosscheck Program I have a challenge for them.

I will give a name, or names if need be, from a sample double registered NH voter who has voted in our state and another state in violation of NH Statutes, the other state’s election laws and Federal election law, for anyone to check for themselves. CNHT will give the Secretary of State the names of several people from other states who vote here to check through that office – and announce the results in public.

How is that for fair?

Please remember that when a person votes in two states in an effort to maximize his vote over the vote of a qualified New Hampshire voter he is at risk of violating election laws in both states. Depending if double voting and registration is caught during a Federal Election for President and Vice President the violation is a Federal offence.

Ask opponents of clean election laws to put up credible evidence our statewide voter checklist does not need to be cleaned up.

Any elected official in our state that says New Hampshire does not have a voter fraud problem – is the problem.




Some Of That Old Black Racist Magic

Eric Holder slinks away from public office as the United State’s Attorney General. Can you believe this guy actually held this position and we are all still alive?

Comrade Holder has mentioned, as a parting shot, that people should read a very important book about a crook, male prostitute, street hustler, convicted violent felon, racist, on-again off-again Muslim named, Malcolm Little, also known as Malcolm X, who liked to be called, l-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz.

It is just a guess on my part but I assume Eric Holder isn’t limiting his suggestion to read Malcolm’s autobiography to only minorities involved in the struggle. He does want the “white devils” to read the book as well.

“White Devils” is how Malcolm describes people like Obama’s grandmother, you know, the average white person.

It would probably be in the best interest of us white devils to learn about how racist we are. And who better to teach us than a person of such intellect and way with words.

Is “White Devils” a bold and proud label like “Black Panthers” is to progressives?

What a great name for a high school hockey team. Who could call that team name racist if “Malcolm the Pius” invented it?

Yes, America has a lot to learn from a racist anti-racist!

Pick one of the ones mentioned above - or all three.


Right To Know Everything In Salem

We have us a god old fashioned Right to Know issue in Salem. The secret meeting kind. They call the secret meetings executive sessions, non-public meetings, behind closed doors meetings, etc. But what would normaly be public discussions involved in any municipal action have to be exempt. Only in talking about specific personnel, litigation, competitive bidding, or similar issues can a board keep the public out of its meeting or minutes thereof.

And there is the problem.

One Salem Selectman, Steven Campbell, has a facebook page and expresses opinions on it: https://www.facebook.com/stephen.campbell.391. You can read the link but I don’t do social media stuff. So I won’t. Good for him in any case.

The other selectmen in Salem claim in a Manchester paper article: http://www.unionleader.com/article/20150227/NEWS0606/150229286, that Selectman Campbell is releasing privileged, secret, non-public info from what I can discern is a personnel issue regarding the alleged suspension of the police chief back in September. That would be exempt from the Right to Know Law if the person in the personnel issue did not want it public. http://www.gencourt.state.nh.us/rsa/html/NHTOC/NHTOC-VI-91-A.htm.

None of this is clarified in the story in the Manchester paper so we need to add some facts and some inside info for the public to follow along OR even look up the info on their own.

Selectman Campbell says he has nothing in his social media page that was not already in the public domain. I am thinking he is correct or the other four selectmen would have moved on him already and asked for a resignation.

One has to remember that these so-called non-public minutes usually consist of the most vague, undecipherable, extremely brief snippet of what might have happened. This makes charging someone of revealing what is in them quite difficult.

Here is what I think might be going on.

I received a tip a week ago about the four selectmen involved with this non-public meeting flap buying some fliers to support a $23 million dollar safety complex. Selectman Campbell is not in favor of this example of what is the most recent trend in municipal boondoggles – safety complexes.

When a quorum of selectmen buys fliers, in private, to support a public project they can only have done so in violation of The Right to Know Law. They had to meet to do it. No way around that fact. Maybe they should be researching the Salem Selectman’s Meeting Minutes to find that vote.

I know one thing.

If you are a slippery selectman or in a quorum of slippery selectmen who are violating RSA 91-A and are caught by your own sneaky deeds it is best to divert attention to another selectman.

Maybe that is what is going on.







Bend Over And Negotiate, Boys

Ask your progressive friends about Obama and John Kerry’s intent to give Iran cover to develop atomic weapons.

Phrase it this way:

Do think it is wise to help men who buy and sell nine year old girls acquire atomic weapons?

See what you get for an answer.

Everyone knows most hard left progressives don’t care about the plight of Israel if Iranian Mullahs get the weapons they need to destroy that country before it could defend itself. Israeli pilots would shoot down Iranian jets in a regular conflict thirty to one, so Iran would need a knockout attack to win. They know that.

See if your progressive friends care about sex slavery if it involves small children.

Maybe they have talking points for that question ready to go.


Iran belongs to the “negotiated in good faith” UN Convention of the Rights of the Child – except the part about nine year old brides. So let’s negotiate with them on atomic weapons.


By the way.

I’m real proud of John Kerry for letting the Iranian nuclear negotiator yell at him like he was some sort of errand boy and not a bona fide Viet Nam War hero pretending to be the US Secretary of State.



Where Would Liberals Be Without The Old Worn-Out Race Card? 

Not only is the most recent editorial shameless and predictable, the Concord paper’s title is all you need to read to know what their objective really is.

“Giuliani’s cheap shot is plain racism” bleats the left wing propaganda sheet posing as a legit city newspaper. How long do they think the public will go one buying this load?

Wasn’t it one Margaret Warner, a former writer at this Concord paper, who is worshipped by the elites, the one who labeled President George Bush a wimp? And the proof of that?

So what is next?

Are readers going to enjoy the recent high school grads who pose as reporters for the Concord paper asking Republican candidates if they are racists like Rudy Giuliani? Oh how novel.

I remember standing in the Republican Party Office at 136 Main St. when Gordon Humphrey announced his campaign for Governor after serving as a US Senator. What was the first question asked by our NH press? “How do you stand on abortion,” was the most important issue they could come up with to play “tag you’re it” with Senator Humphrey.

This old game lands us in 2015 on the way to replacing a president who has shown no love of his country, respect for the rule of law, our Constitution, or the institution he has damaged since showing how well the only real skill he has is campaigning and reading teleprompters. Oh, I forgot to mention Obama is a pathological liar as well. He piles lies on top of lies and then starts over.

More people need to take time and review where this guy came from, who raised him, the so-called Christian church he belonged to in Chicago, and what his true agenda is as President.

Rudy Giuliani just opened the door for that national debate. Let Obama and the liberal media try and defend him once that takes hold.

Jimmy Carter’s second and third terms are what Obama’s legacy will be.

Maybe we can turn the page on worn out liberal media gimmicks for good.