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After All, Equal IS Equal

And Australian judge leads the way towards marriage equality regarding incest and pedophilia:


He uses the good old “everyone accepts it now” argument which has been a real winner for other marriage equality efforts.

If it takes more judges to ram “equality” through then so be it. No turning back now.

I’m sure some colleges can crank out more studies showing how marriage “equality” is better than traditional, also known as real, marriage. That would fit the pattern.

So off we go into the wonderful world of equality.

And like the judge says. If a brother and sister produce a deformed fetus – just abort it.

What’s not to love about equality and the rule of law?


Form a Line Losers

Some non-resident lefties wearing red, white and blue as camouflage marched in NH for some familiar political goals.

“Change” and “money” were two themes the sad marchers had on their minds.

When progressives pretend to be patriots, comedy can’t be far behind.

They raised $5 million dollars, so far, to get money out of politics to promote “change”.

And to top it off – Harvard is involved.


But our NH press was on hand to do the best they could to lend cover to these moonbats. No embarrassing questions. No thoughts from Fergus Cullen.

The wacky season is upon us. March on moonbats!


Your Pie Just Got Smaller Moonbat!

Sometimes I forget to try and be first with some information readers might find interesting so let me get this one out quick before I forget.

All the talk about illegal alien children being sent all over America for the Third World Colonization of America Program Obama is running now that he found out he is not dictator exposes some standard fare. Border agents change diapers, kids have no clean clothes, rape, death, disease and all that.

But what is being held a secret by the news media until the program is complete is the one fact that will burn down the Democrat house of immigration/colonization cards.

All these foreign, illegal kids are getting Social Security numbers one way or another.

That is what happened in Massachusetts in the 80’s when  they brought in tons of South East Asians into towns around Boston.

The Democrats run on the time honored scare tactic that Republicans want to destroy Social Security. They do it even in gubnatorial races.

But wait until old-fashioned Democrat voters find out that liberal Democrats will bankrupt what is left of Social Security with illegal aliens just to find new young voters they have aborted for so many years.





Happy Democrat Gas Tax Day!!

Oh I got a "Thank you Democrats" letter from a CNHT member up North:

Dear editor,

Please print this article in your newspaper ASAP.

“All NH residents to pay for I – 93 widening, or so it seems!”

In northern NH, a region plagued with gas prices 15 to 20 cents per gallon consistently higher than southern NH, adding another deliberate tax is unthinkable. But in the infinite wisdom of NH politicians, a deliberate tax increase was imposed. Have you felt the “pain at the pump” yet, Northern NH?!

North Country Democrat representatives as well as a majority of southern NH Democrat representatives decided that all NH residents should pay for the widening of I – 93 (Exits 1 – 5) from Salem through Derry. Or so it seems!

By signing on to the ill-conceived “bipartisanship” bill to increase the gas tax, Rebecca Brown (D) – Sugar Hill, Susan Ford (D) - Easton, Marcia Hammon (D) – Whitefield, Linda Massimilla (D) – Littleton, and Jeff Woodburn (D) – senator of District 1 from Dalton voted a tax hike for their neighbors and constituents in northern NH while at the same time voting to decrease “taxes” for southern NH residents. This poorly-thought-out gas tax increase bill, which was signed by the governor and becomes law on July 1, 2014 has a provision to eliminate the Merrimack toll booth on I – 293!!

It seems southern NH politicians were looking for a “deal” and were shrewdly successful at the expense of the rest of us.

So, if you drive a car, a truck, an SUV, a camper, or a motorized boat, or use a chainsaw, tractor, snowmobile, ATV, motorcycle, scooter, lawn mower, grass trimmer, or any tool/machine which uses gas or diesel, you’re paying for the widening of the Salem through Derry exits on I – 93 in southern NH while those residents in southern NH who use I – 293 get a tax decrease through toll relief with help thanks to North Country Democrats!

Nick De Mayo

Sugar Hill, NH

(603) 823-9816

 (Hassen it been a while since you could fill up for under $80.00?)


Hillary The Inevitable - Again

It looks like poor, penniless, pitiful Hillary will have something besides Rose Law Firm billing records in her trunk from now on – some hard to sell memoirs will be bouncing around in there if her car ever moves again. Remember, Hillary was thinking out loud to a reporter lot long ago and mentioned she had not driven a car in some 16 years. Penniless with a chauffeur, not a bad gig as long as you can hold onto it.

And Hillary intends to hold on as long as possible, even with poll numbers below 50% against RINO opponents. Why not? The Democrats have groomed and protected this lay-about for decades. It’s her turn.

But the hard left Democrats that see they can elect and re-elect a true Harvard Marxist as President do not want damaged goods such as a feeble, incompetent candidate - with a track record to prove it. They want the real thing.

Native American Elizabeth Warren and the Vermont accented Bernie Sanders are unabashed leftists in the mode of wild eyed street preachers for the cause. Certainly they should be given a chance to catch fire – if Obama will cough up his massive voter data-base of private voter information.

The people who run the democrat party know the time to change America forever is right at their Alinsky finger tips and a doddering Hillary could screw it up.

Watch as the left gets crazier and crazier, if that is possible, in the next few months as pressure is put on the anointed pants suit to waddle off to some college to “teach” something.

As I see it, Hillary’s recent tendency to blather off the cuff from some comfy chair interview may even be damaging Chelsea’s chances at an automatic Senate seat of her choice.

And they say Republicans have problems.

How many liberals are going to sit out another chance to get elected or appointed to something Hillary wants?

Obama didn’t put up with it.

Look how well he is doing!

And if you want to see déjà vu all over again regarding billing records and other “lost” documents and subpoenas just read this PBS art.:


If Lois Lerner can just hold out like Hillary did everything will be forgotten.