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The Cost Of Freedom

Welcome to the Missouri Department of Socials Services

(Questions I found interesting on their site.)

How do I apply for replacement of Food Stamp benefits used to purchase food which has been destroyed?

If you have lost food purchased with Food Stamp benefits due to the weather, ice storm, fire, flood, tornado, or other household misfortune outside your control, contact your local county office to complete a request for replacement. Or, you may complete the Statement of Loss/Replacement Request form PDF Document and return the form in person, by mail or by fax. View address information or fax numbers for FSD offices


And this New Hampshire suggestion to freedom rioters in Missouri:

Please don’t burn down or steal too much from these welfare office locationsJ


Jennings Service Center


1 Google review

8501 Lucas and Hunt Rd #220

St Louis, MO

(314) 877-2550


Social Services Department


Google+ page

8501 Lucas and Hunt Rd #110

St Louis, MO

(314) 877-2470


Child Support Family Support Division


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4040 7 Hills Dr #141

Florissant, MO

(855) 373-4636


It's Worth Know'en Where He's Been Vote'n

The NH State Supreme Court caught an interstate voter for us!!

Well, thank you Supremes for at least this bit of sunshine.

Cited is a State Supreme Court appeal regarding what looks like a dog bite case, and who, from where, insured by what coverage, of what residence, is going to pay.

Our anti-hero in this case is a guy who uses several residences for his own advantage (except this time) for car registration and of course VOTING.

He is, in fact, a Massachusetts resident domiciled in that state in Somerville, where we have caught other low life vote thieves, by the way.

Enter naughty dog owner Charles Matthews who votes from his mommy’s house in Moultonborough, NH.

Here is the case:


As you can see, the Court used simple facts to determine the domicile of the partially insured out-of-state voter – as CNHT has preached for about a decade or more – FACTS show where a person lives, in a legal sense. And a legal residence is your domicile.

Don’t look like an imbecile like Charles Matthews.

Know your domicile and vote there.

CNHT will do our standard background check on Mr. Matthews and show how he used both states for personal gain, until he was caught.


American Principals Project Event!

Saturday I will be a speaker at the American Principals Project event in Manchester.

There are other speaker of course so don't let me scare you off.

Here are the details:


(I might talk about voter fraud.)

Hope you can come.

Bring a friend. 




All The News...

Right out of the liberal playbook there appears the tired old news collaboration we have seen in this small state so often.

State Representative Bill O’Brien, a Republican thorn in the side of tax and spenders from both parties for a decade or more, has been elected Speaker of the House once again.

And within minutes the pre-written “news” about this event is as to be expected.

Here we go:

The Manchester Paper starts off with, in their first sentence: “promised a more inclusive and less confrontational approach than in his first stint.”

And the glorified high school Associated Press reporter with ties to the Tides Foundation – that would be the extreme opposite of the TEA Party folks, writes up a something for several weak news outlets with no writers of their own.





Basically, it is the same stuff: O’Brien needs to mend his ways.

WMUR’s Josh McElveen seemed to play it pretty straight and did have an interview with left wing Democrat Senator Lou Dinosaurasandro who parroted the progressive tripe.


And finally, NHPR’s Title: O'Brien Picked For House Speaker; Republicans Expect Less Conflict, More Cooperation.

Remember Josh Rodgers, the NHPR political reporter. He was the left wing go to guy who savaged former Governor Benson relentlessly? Gov. Benson got from NHPR the same treatment Bill O’Brien went through when he was Speaker last time. You can spot Josh strolling around Concord with a scarf around his neck looking like just got dressed out of his funky trunk.

But 2014 may be a different story for New Hampshire news outlets.

This time there will be reporting about insider things like: Governor Benson fired Josh Rodgers mommy from her high paying state job at the Insurance Commission, vendetta via public radio perhaps? That was never mentioned in the NHPR stories. I find that odd.

Missing in the O’Brien new batch above is the crushing defeat of Democrat slash and burn campaign guru, Raymond Buckley, who spent every political cent trying to defeat Bill O’Brien.

What a loser, and high paid loser at that, who taps every Democrat candidate for a percentage of their campaign funds as they are funneled through headquarters to be managed by what appears to be his personal attack roller coaster.

If I get the combined NH new source stories right, Speaker O’Brien has to learn from his mistakes, ridding NH of the $800 million dollar Democrat Deficit, but the losing Democrat Party Chair can go one wasting Democrat candidates money on Alinsky style personal attacks because quite frankly, he doesn’t know much else.

Kudos to Rep. Chandler for asking for a unanimous vote.

Check your conservative blogs and radio programs for updates on the revered NH press.

Congratulations to Speaker O’Brien. Small businesses and taxpayers can breathe a sigh of relief for a few years.








Where Does Jonathan Gruber Live?

I’m a municipal guy when it comes to political activism. Give me towns and schools any day over the two-faced, back-stabbing goings on wrong in any legislature.

I like it up front and in your face. Everybody knows who everybody else is. That is what Town Meeting is all about.

That is not to say we don’t have our local Jonathan Gruber, the ObamaCare MIT genius.

You know the type, absolutely absorbed in some adopted issue of the day.

A “Local Gruber” is the type of guy who knows everything about everything, except what it feels like to get a punch in the mouth from a respectable person who has had enough. We are a way too civilized nation these days and that lack of instant, deserved retribution for Local Gruber nonsense is the norm these days – until things change. Everything comes in cycles you know.

Some small towns are blessed in that they may not have a Local Gruber for several years, but they always seem to butt in.

College towns are loaded with Local Grubers. Look at the Dunkin Donuts in Henniker for instance. Henniker had Local Grubers on the ZBA and Planning Board who took a two acre lot and made it into a Chinese finger trap for traffic.

We have a Local Gruber in my town of Deering on the ZBA who after writing the Wetlands Ordinance is amazed at how much stuff he now finds in it!

Bedford’s Local Gruber, David Sacks, Grubered the new school he was selling to the Town with tales of a thirty cent per-thousand price tag. He was totally self-mesmerized with the thought of himself getting that school no matter what. There is a picture of him on the front page of some local paper screaming when the bond vote passed during a snow storm. He’s a Local Gruber.

Local Gruber’s often come with college degrees from schools that pump out Grubers by the dozens. You can also spot them by the fact they can’t change a tire, wear traditional Gruber attire (light blue, bark blue, striped blue and occasionally white dress shirts.), Grubers need a walking stick for a hike and sissy pants for a bike ride.

Can you spot the Local Gruber at your town or school meeting?

First, look up front at the tables. Is anyone bored with anyone talking but himself? He might be your Local Gruber.

Does some certain well bred professional get all pouty and throw tantrums when a vote doesn’t go his way? That might be your Local Gruber.

And finally, does anyone in your municipality take 500 words to write a letter to the editor about nothing in excruciating and miniscule detail? That is how Local Grubers sell their schemes.

Oh, and don’t forget condescension.