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Common Sense v. Common Vote Theft

How does the State of Nebraska define Domicile?

Domicile, as you may recall, is the key, and only, word in the NH State Constitution that defines where a NH inhabitant votes.

Here is what the Nebraska Dept. of Revenue says about Domicile:


Domicile is the place an individual has his or her permanent place of abode and home. Even if the individual is absent at times, domicile is the place to which the individual intends to return. Actual residence is not necessarily domicile. An individual establishes domicile in Nebraska on the date he or she arrives in the state for other than temporary or transitory purposes. Once domicile is established, it remains the individual’s domicile until it is abandoned. Domicile in Nebraska is abandoned when an individual leaves the state with no intention of returning to the state and establishes a domicile in another state while present in the other state for other than temporary or transitory purposes.


Nebraska is the home of the lead petitioner of the non-resident voter case called Hannah Rivers v. NH that TWO Superior (and insufficiently educated) Court activist judges say magically grants the right to vote in NH to non-residents.

Below is the portion of the Rivers v. NH case where the out-of-state tuitioned UNH student lays out her legal residence:


10. Petitioner Hannah Rivers lives at 83 Main Street, GSS Box 12764, Durham, New Hampshire. She is 19 years of age and is a citizen of the United States. In August 2011, she came from 585 West Waverly Road, Raymond, Nebraska, to New Hampshire, in order to attend school at the University of New Hampshire. She expects to finish school in May of 2015 and currently intends to leave New Hampshire after graduation. She is licensed to drive in Nebraska.”

Now let us take a look at what the NH State Supreme court said about college voters who want to declare NH their domicile to vote. This is the last and most important part of Newberger v. Peterson 1972:

We are sensitive to the compelling need "to preserve the basic conception of a political community". Dunn v. Blumstein, supra, 92 S. Ct. at 1004. But the challenged New Hampshire law forces persons who are in every meaningful sense members of New Hampshire political communities to vote in communities elsewhere which they have long departed and with whose affairs they are no longer concerned, if indeed the former community still recognizes the right.

You do not have to be a lawyer or a member of the NH AG’s Office or even the NH Secretary of State to understand fraud when you see it.

The Hannah Rivers case has zero merit.

She has no standing to sue NH because she is not abandoning Nebraska as her legal domicile by THEIR laws or OUR NH laws, State Constitution, or previous on point court cases in New Hampshire.

But if you are a New Hampshire voter you should take the time to gather up other NH voters to ensure non-resident voters like Hannah Rivers of Raymond, Nebraska, and thousands like her, can not continue to steal your vote.


How Do I Get On The Rick Perry Campaign Bus

Congressman Tom Delay went through this in Texas as well as Sarah Palin and Senator Stevens in Alaska, the criminalization of politics by the desperate Alinsky Democrats who smell a beating coming at the polls.

I started writing here at this blog some five years ago defending then Texas Congressman Delay after reading the statutes the corrupt prosecutor in Texas used to indict him out of office. There was no case against Tom Delay and that is why it took seven grand juries to come up with the ham sandwich indictment Delay eventually prevailed against - long after his political career was over.

And as with US Senator Stevens of Alaska. The facts of his indictment did not match the mish-mash of charges of corruption levied against him by prosecutors in Alaska. Those convictions were tossed before just he died.

Sarah Palin outsmarted the Left as she has always done by resigning from office rather than suffer death by a thousand accusations, one of which was firing a thug State Trooper. (She lives on to aggravate her opponents on a daily basis to the point Palin hatred of is almost a definable mental disorder of the Left.)

Does prosecuting an opponent out of office sound familiar?

Now it is Governor Rick Perry's turn. And here is what will certainly begin - the abandonment of Republican victims of the criminalization of politics by Establishment Republicans who seize the opportunity to rid themselves of a candidate they do not like.

That is just as bad as the phony indictments.

Do Establishment Republicans think they gain by this?

Are they immune from the same treatment in the future?


Who Will Protect Your NH Vote And State?

Congratulations to these individuals who took the weekly CNHT Voter Fraud Workshop at the CNHT office on 8 North Main St. last evening. They now are armed with the basic documents that expose the outright fraud conducted against the domiciled taxpayers of NH by our activist judges, NH AG’s Office and Secretary of State in allowing, promoting and ignoring mass voter fraud by out of state voters.

Kimberly Morin - August 14th

James Kofalt - August 14th

Emily Sandblade - August 14th

Larry Cheetham - August 14th

Carol Bush - August 14th

If you see any of these names on a ballot in your municipality you have stumbled onto an individual who cares about protecting your NH vote.

NH has a chance to pass clean election laws and to abolish same day non-resident voting if the right people are elected in November. And we have an opportunity to offset the next wave of non-resident vote theft that is sure to come back to NH in 2016 as it did in 2008 and 2012.

Our next workshop is on August 21 at 6:30 pm. More elected officials and candidates are signed up.


After All, Equal IS Equal

And Australian judge leads the way towards marriage equality regarding incest and pedophilia:


He uses the good old “everyone accepts it now” argument which has been a real winner for other marriage equality efforts.

If it takes more judges to ram “equality” through then so be it. No turning back now.

I’m sure some colleges can crank out more studies showing how marriage “equality” is better than traditional, also known as real, marriage. That would fit the pattern.

So off we go into the wonderful world of equality.

And like the judge says. If a brother and sister produce a deformed fetus – just abort it.

What’s not to love about equality and the rule of law?


Form a Line Losers

Some non-resident lefties wearing red, white and blue as camouflage marched in NH for some familiar political goals.

“Change” and “money” were two themes the sad marchers had on their minds.

When progressives pretend to be patriots, comedy can’t be far behind.

They raised $5 million dollars, so far, to get money out of politics to promote “change”.

And to top it off – Harvard is involved.


But our NH press was on hand to do the best they could to lend cover to these moonbats. No embarrassing questions. No thoughts from Fergus Cullen.

The wacky season is upon us. March on moonbats!