Legitimate Concerns, Honest Debate Lost On Liberals

The hue and cry of “conservative division” is alive and well in the fourth branch of government. I can see why.

President Bush offers a close personal friend, born-again Christian, woman, and can you believe it – gun owner, to the US Supreme Court.

This supposed lame duck president with opinion polls in the depths of political non-existence is about to have this second nominee sail through Senate hearings faster than now Chief Justice Roberts. Who would have guessed that?

The answer; apparently anyone who watched the liberals on the Senate Judicial Committee expose themselves as being grandstanding errand boys for their staff. They blew it right in front of all America.

Now what is left but to hope the conservatives scuttle Harriet Miers on their own. The game plan - hawk the conservative crack-up 24-7 in the press with a few liberals pretending to support Ms. Miers themselves as added an reason to question her credentials.

One point about Ms. Miers lack of a legal trail should be noted from a NH perspective.

Justice Souter ruled on a few revealing cases in NH, one bears a second look. That would be the Merrill case where Souter was in the majority along with former Justice Chuck Douglass agreeing that the City of Manchester could not take a certain piece of private property, in this case a patch of woodland near a city, from a taxpayer simply for economic development.

And then the little NH pixie flew off to the US Supreme Court where he is now in favor of progressive standards like the Kelo decision where citizens surrender property rights for the common good. What a shocker!

Maybe character is the way to pick Supreme Court Justices.

I'll judge Miers by what I learn from her at the hearings. I hope the conservatives on the Senate Judicial Committee ask thoughtful questions and let her answer them. That will be a refreshing change from the last time around.

Ed Naile, Chair