October 21 Can't Come Soon Enough For NH's Press

Can't we all just get along and let this story go away?

Thank goodness Jesse Burchfield pleads guilty next week to some small amount of nothing charges for sinking the 'Burt Cohen for Senate' campaign. Listen hard and you won't hear a peep out of Democrats.

Gone are the charges of forgery by the treasurer of the Cohen campaign against wonder-kid Burchfield who exorcised such a mystical power of candidate Cohen so strong it left him babbling incomprehensible answers as to where the money from his campaign went.

We are to believe Burchfield over/underreported how much money the Cohen campaign had by hundreds of thousands of dollars without anyone else finding out.

Stand by for the usual Friday court hearing and the subsequent Saturday paper story no one reads. Not bad timing if you can get it. I wonder if the judge will make a personal statement about how reprehensible Burchfield's behavior was?

Just like UNH funneling over $100,000.00 to the Lynch office through “volunteer” Ned Helms and the Gov. Lynch trying to coerce Commissioner Murray to break the law and sell EZ Pass transponders at a cut rate price, this story just doesn't seem to have any legs.

After all, news like that might spoil the “ethics” re-election plan.

Ed Naile, Chair, CNHT