Today I was provided by chance the privilege to be involved in a little bitter street theater at the Congressman Bass HQ in Concord.

The players:

1 - Lefty MoveOn.soros actors pretending to be Republicans, presenting a torn up wad of poster material to Bass staffers.

2 - NHPR “investigative reporter” Josh Rodgers, who is by the way not afraid to carry a man-purse and wear sneakers while plying his trade. For the uninitiated, this is what is known in the industry as “protest by wardrobe.” Josh telegraphs his desire to let you know he is not kow-towing to “the Man” by wearing anything other than his “funky” wardrobe.

Mommy may have given Josh his inside info from the NH Insurance Commission but she certainly doesn't dress him. He does that himself - politically.

The Play:

When I entered the Bass office the soft-socialists mouthing the Soros line were admonishing Bass staffers about some conspiracy theory they have regarding The Evil Tom Delay being involved with dirty campaign contributions to Bass.

They must have had some sort of temper tantrum on the way to the office with young Josh and some other “reporters” in tow because the over sized poster-check they made up was crumpled beyond repair. The Bass people couldn't read it, let alone cash it at the “giant” bank.

Now I know any liberal worth his tofu can cook up a 10 foot papier mache head for a street protest in a wink of an eye so I wonder about the abilities of this NH contingent of Sorosites.

Could it be that the lack of funding since the withdraw of the Soros millions a few months ago has affected the ability of our angry thespians to express themselves with anything other than crepe paper, paste, and glitter?

I mentioned my dismay about the loss of the Soros troubadour money to the young lady with the Annie Hall hat as I left the office. She agreed. (I'm an actor as well!)

For more about MoveOn.loser check out their web site where they get angry, mind-numb liberals to send Letters to the Editor to local papers. You may have noticed the shift in decency lately in such letters - Bush is a war criminal type stuff. This is part of the MoveOn.loser's plan to “take back” NH and America.

That and the help of Josh Rodgers from NHPR.

Ed Naile, Chair