Scamman Supports Biennial Sessions?

House Speaker Doug Scamman has handed down an edict to House members from on high at the office of his excellency.

“Thou shall not engage in constituent service, meetings, or nay, any other business in Concord on Mondays nor Fridays without approval on parchment from this throne” he hath declared.

Nice move.

In an effort to save money on travel expenses reimbursed to House members by mile driven to Concord, The Speaker had decided, without any research it seems, that cutting back simply by order from in high would be the best approach.

The Scamman order was mailed as most are by first class postage, by itself, apparently without the cost savings of bundling the many mailings representatives get into one single envelope. Thirtyseven cents an envelope, time, and paper are costs that seem to have missed the ever watchful eye of The Speaker. Or could it be that no reporters were snooping around looking for his unnecessary office expenses. They were only interested in mileage for people who drive to their $100 per session job.

Two suggestions Mr. Speaker:

BIENNIAL SESSIONS!!!!!! Meet once every other year and get the peoples business done with a citizen legislature not with just the wealthy retired types who haunt our legislature. This worked for a long time until the 500 lobbyists in Concord hit the mother load with the switch to annual sessions.

Try looking into the endless trips to workshops state employees are one when I call for an answer to something. Take a drive through the DRA or DES parking lots some Friday and count cars if you are so interested in mileage.

Ed Naile, Chair