How About a Compromise?

I saw the beaming face of our former Governor Shaheen in the Manchester paper today. She was involved somehow in the Democrat Party negotiations surrounding the Presidential Primary we have here in NH.

There are concerns that other states want in on the action and that NH is not representative of the rest of the country.

I beg to differ.

We have plenty of non-resident voters here in NH and as long as people such as former Governor Jeanne Shaheen support any warm body that shows up in a college town being able to register to vote same-day it will continue to be that way.

Shaheen vetoed voter ID bills several times during her term as governor and the NH AG's office uses the loose language in state law to cherry-pick what and who they will prosecute.

Here is the statute:

“7:6-c Enforcement of the Election Laws. – Upon receipt of a written complaint signed by a voter of the state of New Hampshire, or upon his own motion, the attorney general may in his discretion, conduct investigations to determine whether any violation of the election laws has occurred and may prosecute anyone responsible for such a violation. In conducting an investigation under this section the attorney general may enlist the aid of the county attorneys, the state police, and other public officers. In the exercise of his powers and duties under this section, the attorney general may hold hearings and require the attendance of individuals by the use of subpoena and may require the production of books, documents, records and other tangible goods by use of subpoena duces tecum. Any testimony required by the attorney general at a hearing which he is empowered to hold under this section shall be given under oath.”

This means Mark E. Caliguri of 10 Mulberry Ct. Cheshire, Ct, - Kristin A. Gsell of 5 Bingham Circle, Rumson NJ, - Vanessa Roche of 1067 Brush Hill Rd.. Milton Ma., and Laurel B. Post of 108 Bayview Dr. Jamestown RI, all Durham voters from November 2004 are all safe to keep voting in NH after being arrested in Durham in April of 2005 (for reasons other than voter fraud).

In fact, if you vote in NH then I assume you can hold office as well. Pay no taxes, serve no jury duty, the state waives the two year minimum requirement of residency for being elected to the house, and no seven year minimum residency for the state senate such as the one Republican, Fergus Cullen was held to when he voted in Ct.

Not bad. And if anyone questions your domicile status as we did with FORMER Rep. Stephanie Sinclair of Keene you can just move back home with mom and dad, no questions asked.

So when anyone asks me about the NH Presidential Primary I respond that it is time we moved it to a state with voter ID.

Ed Naile, Chair CNHT
Host of NH Taxpayer Radio