Hello, I'm Jerry Curran, and I'm a Republican

If there is one gimmick that is really getting tired it is the “I'm a Republican who hates everything about Republicans” scam.

Lefties pretending to be Republicans is fast becoming an overused, boring, infantile, and weak exercise that is easily exposed!

Take the publicity stunt at the Congressman Bass office last week performed by Moveon.org, ACT (Americans Coming Together), The Sierra Club, NHPR, and a few other questionable groups I blogged about recently.

Not only were about three of the seven “protesters” posing as NH media, two claimed to be Republican constituents of Congressman Bass.

So excuse me Jerry Curran. I know Republicans – and you're no Republican.

But here is what the obliging press wrote - remember they are in campaign mode.

From the Manchester paper:

“Jerry Curran, a Republican from Amherst, said he has voted for Bass in the past but won't again unless Bass returns the money. He urged Bass to reject the "scandal, corruption and abuse of power" exhibited by leading Republicans.

"This is part of a culture of corruption in the Republican Party leadership," he said. "We are calling on Congressman Bass to demonstrate that he works for the voters of New Hampshire, not DeLay's corporate cronies."

So what was Republican Jerry Curran doing on election day November 2, 2004 you might ask.

Our sweet, thoughtful Republican Jerry Curran was the Sierra Club contact for the ACT “Get Out The Vote” bus tour. (Stay tuned this gets better.)

Here is some of ACT's description of itself – its long, tentacled, invasive, money-burning self:

America Coming Together (ACT) is dedicated to energizing the electorate to achieve crucial changes – the mobilization of millions of people to register and vote around the critical issues facing our country, the defeat of George W. Bush and his Republican allies, and the election of progressives in vitally important state, local, and federal contests. We are outraged at the policies and abuses of the past four years: the jobs lost, lives wasted, health care denied, air and water fouled, and rights abridged.

Our Founders

Grassroots and political leaders who share a vision of a progressive (SOCIALIST ed.) America and are committed to help defeat George W. Bush, elect progressives (MORE SOCIALISTS ed.) up and down the ticket, and mobilize millions of people to register and vote around the critical issues facing our country started America Coming Together (ACT).

(ACT's list of distinguished fellows/founders/fellow-travelers)

Ellen R. Malcolm, President of ACT, is the founder and president of EMILY’s List – a political action committee that supports pro-choice Democratic women candidates.

Steve Rosenthal , Chief Executive Officer of ACT, was Political Director of the AFL-CIO from 1996-2002,...

Minyon Moore heads Dewey Square’s state and local practice. She was formerly Chief Operations Officer of the Democratic National Committee and before that Assistant to the President of the United States and Director of White House Political Affairs.

Gina Glantz has a distinguished 30-year career in campaigns and grassroots organizing. She was National Campaign Manager for the Bill Bradley for President campaign.

Carl Pope, Treasurer, is Executive Director of the Sierra Club, an organization of 700,000 environmental activists.

Cecile Richards is President of America Votes, a coalition of almost 30 national organizations working together to educate and mobilize voters in the 2004 elections on a broad range of issues including the environment, civil and human rights, women’s rights, choice, education and labor.

There's a crop of Jerry Curran Republicans for ya!

Jerry's favorite group was formed in 2003 with the goal of electing liberal congressional candidates and a liberal president in 2004. Financiers George Soros and Peter Lewis kicked in more than $38 million to get ACT, along with its sister group the Media Fund, up and running. ACT managed to blow through about $200 million during its brief existence. The cash ran out in August of 2004 that is why Jerry and his troupe of thespians were taking up congressman Bass's staffers time with street theater designed to highlight dirty money in politics. (And relieve a little of that loser stress)

The Moveon.org/ACT motto now is: After you piss away the 20 million Soros gave you “Move on and ACT like a Republican.” It is an old NH tradition anyway!!

There is more! ACT, MoveOn.org, and The Sierra Club are aligned with: America Votes!

America Votes is a coalition of many of the largest membership-based groups in the country, who have come together to increase voter registration, education and participation in electoral politics. With more than thirty organizations representing a wide range of issues including worker’s rights, choice, the environment, education, civil rights and social justice, the America Votes Coalition includes the largest and most trusted leaders in the progressive movement.

America Votes participating groups include:

ACORN _ AFL-CIO _ AFSCME _ Alliance for Retired Americans _ America Coming Together (ACT) _ American Federation of Teachers _ Association of Trial Lawyers of America _ Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence United with the Million Mom March _ Clean Water Action _ Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund _ Democracy for America _ EMILY's List _ The Human Rights Campaign _ League of Conservation Voters _ The Media Fund _ MoveOn.org PAC _ Music for America _ NAACP National Voter Fund _ NARAL Pro-Choice America _ NDN _ National Education Association _ National Jewish Democratic Council _ National Treasury Employees Union _ Partnership for America’s Families _ Planned Parenthood Action Fund _ SEIU _ Sierra Club _ USAction _ Voices for Working Families _ Young Democrats of America _ 21st Century Democrats _

So not only is our buddy Jerry Curran a self-proclaimed registered Republican, he has a lot of other “friends” we see. But there is some bad news besides the loss of all that pristine Soros cash according to some news clips listed below.

June 23, 2004
More Bad Press for Americans Coming Together
A.P. offers Felons Paid in Voter Registration Drive. The lead: "A Democratic group crucial to John Kerry's presidential campaign has paid felons - some convicted of sex offenses, assault and burglary - to conduct door-to-door voter registration drives in at least three election swing states." A key sentence: "Felons on probation or parole are ineligible to vote in many states. Doug Lewis, executive director of the Election Center, which represents election officials, said he is unaware of any laws against felons registering other people to vote."

Lets imagine together...

“Hi! I'm Rocko and I'm from Americans Coming Together collecting information about your family when I'm not out doing street theater on behalf of MoveOn.org. Say, how old is that daughter of yours?”

Remember the incident involving allegations of Democratic operatives caught slashing the tires of Republican get-out-the-vote vans in Milwaukee? Here are the actual indictments in the case:

The following is a list of the individuals charged with slashing tires on the morning of November 2, 2004, and their connections to the Democrat campaign in 2004:

Michael J. Pratt
* Paid $7,965.53 by the Democratic Party of Wisconsin in 2004
* Pratt’s father is former Acting Mayor Marvin Pratt, who chaired the Kerry-Edwards campaign in Milwaukee

Sowande Ajumoke Omodunde (a.k.a “Supreme Solar Allah”)
* Paid $6,059.83 by Gwen Moore for Congress and the Democratic Party of Wisconsin in 2004
* Son of U.S. Rep. Gwen Moore (D-WI)

Lewis Gibson Caldwell, III
* Paid $4,639.09 by Gwen Moore for Congress and the Democratic Party of Wisconsin in 2004

Lavelle Mohammad
* Paid $8,858.50 by the Democratic Party of Wisconsin and America Coming Together ($966 for canvassing work in June and July) in 2004

Justin J. Howell
Paid $2,550.29 in 2004 by the Democratic Party of Wisconsin (62)

More MoveOn.org shenanigans gleaned from court documents and the press:

  • Court Orders MoveOn.org To Cease Voter Intimidation And Harassment In Ohio

On Election Day, individuals in Franklin County, Ohio, were threatened and harassed at their polling places by agents of MoveOn.org after being asked about their voting preference and revealing their intention to vote Republican. Similar situations are alleged to have occurred elsewhere around the state and prompted a lawsuit filed in the Franklin County Common Pleas Court. Voters were intimidated by MoveOn.org in an attempt to dissuade them from voting for George W. Bush or in an attempt to harass them after they voted. (84) (Exhibit K)

Ohio voters who had identified themselves as Republicans received telephone calls telling them that the election was to be held a day later than Election Day, that their polling locations had been changed and that they could only vote if they brought four separate pieces of identification to the poll. This information was intentionally deceptive and intended to direct voters to a polling place where they would not be able to cast a ballot.

The Marion County Common Pleas Court issued a temporary restraining order against the Marion and Greene County Democratic Parties, the Ohio Democratic Party and America Coming Together (ACT) enjoining them from making inaccurate and deceptive phone calls to targeted voters. The judge originally assigned to the case recused himself because he had “personally received a phone call” like the one described by the plaintiff in which incorrect information about date of the election and polling place was given, a point he noted in the Judgment Entry he signed effectuating his recusal. The Ohio Supreme Court appointed a visiting judge to hear the case who then issued a temporary restraining order against the county and state Democrat parties and against ACT.

Bought and paid for in part by billionaire George Soros; threats, fraud, tire slashing, and my personal favorite – illegal phone calls to deceive potential voters.

My advice to Congressman Bass's office staff: The next time this bunch elbows their way into your office tell them the Starbucks at Shaw’s Plaza is giving away tofu lattes. Then when they dive out the door - lock it behind them.

Ed Naile, Chair CNHT