Out Of My Ivy League!

Sorry readers. I missed Part II Article II of the US Constitution during my first read but upon further review, and I apologize again, as it clearly states in part as follows:

The president shall have the power to appoint members to the Supreme Court with the advice and consent of any interest group able to force a nominee to withdraw before a hearing can be held on said nominee......

So the check and balance in this case is the threat of having your name dragged through the mud, family ridiculed, credit and loan records revealed and video rental history made public – before the nominee can respond at a Senate hearing - just as the founders intended.

The follow-up check on the Executive branch is the added protection of the nominee absolutely having to have an Ivy League education so that “conservative” commentators and Senators have cover to support a liberal when the time comes, as it more often than not does.

Ed Naile, Chair CNHT