Great Opportunity For Republicans Not Supporting Lynch

It looks like Governor Indecision is finally about to make one big mistake. This could be a sleeper until election time..

There is a new state-wide wave of taxpayer anger at the “View Tax Assessment” also known as “The View Tax.” This tax was the creation of The Assessing Standards Board, a board made up almost solely of assessors or people with an interest in such things, plus a few big-government type legislators to round out the heap. Because it is a legislative committee the legislature has little to do with the view tax.

The NH Municipal Association, now hiding under a new moniker has a hand-puppet legislator named Rep. Betsy Patten who is also on the Assessing Standards Board. Her next in charge is one Gary Roberge head of the assessing firm Avitar.

Now you have met the people responsible for creating the View Tax. One of them is up for re-appointment: Gary Roberge of Avitar.

Here is the fun part. Lynch can now be blamed for re-appointing someone who has a personal stake in creating this property tax monster to benefit his own assessing firm.

I have Avitar assessing manuals that include photos of views in my town and the formula or percentage they are worth according to Avitar's sample:

Field with tree...200%

Field with tree and fence near hill...225%

Hill in distance with fence and lots of trees...300%

See how simple this is? Any taxpayer could figure it out right?

Then you take, say, the same manual from Orford or Alexandria and the percentages could go up to 700% .............and look the same.

Or you could look at the view from Plainfield where the Superior Court threw out Avitar's assessment of a view there as too subjective.

So let The Boy Governor have his View Tax if he will. Then we can try this easy test on The View Tax Governor.

Take any View Tax assessing manual, cut out all the pictures and see if the Gov. or anyone at Avitar can put them back in the book the way they were.

Or you could give a monkey a football.

Ed Naile, Chair CNHT