Waiting For the Other Jar of K-Y to Drop

As I look back on Executive Councilor Ray Burton's failure to support several friends of mine for positions on state commissions I am now heartened by the fact they did not meet his high standards.

Having a convicted child molester on his arm in campaign after campaign for his “safe seat” is the tipping point for me.

Burton's argument that he was giving the child molester a break doesn't hold water. There is probably more of a personal aspect to this in my opinion because he could have given this Seidensticker creature any number of kinds of support other than having him escort him around the state. Burton appears to like Seidensticker's company no matter what the appearance.

That is bad judgment and Seidensticker's most recent arrest was probably inevitable when you consider these facts:

Child molesters rarely outlive their desire to molest and even the slightest opportunity to continue preying on children becomes an irresistible force with these people.

Placing Seidensticker in a position where the unsuspecting public associated him with a trusted and popular politician was a gross lapse in judgment and a total failure to comprehend the potential of an unrepentant and continuing molester.

It is interesting how many different state jobs Seidensticker had held during his relationship with Burton. The NH press seems to have no stomach for a deeper investigation into Seidensticker's employment but working at state liquor stores and toll booths can not just be a coincidence. I would bet he had some help getting state work taking into account the fact that he was a convicted felon.

Child molesters are often charming people who can con the best of them. That is their talent for finding victims. I have dealt with several convicted molesters in my political travels so I know how they get people to support them and gain their trust.

When I was a Selectman in Deering, a convicted sado-masochistic molester from Vt. going under the assumed name of George Chase quietly moved to our area and began a Hillsboro-based local weekly paper named “The Villager.” He and his reporters set upon me immediately and portrayed me as a corrupt official who stole public documents and broke into the town hall at night. I found out his real name was George Maidrand III and began writing my own articles, about him. I also purchased the name of his paper from the Sec. of State, since he could not use the fake name to own it, and in the end he had to start registering under his real name.

But don't think I wasn't admonished by some up-standing Hillsboro residents for “picking on poor George.” He has many supporters to this day because of his unwavering devotion to out local school. (Which he was not allowed in without an escort once found out) Funny how people who want something bad enough make concessions.

Not far from my house in Deering is a place called “His Mansion” which fancies itself a drug rehab center. They had a child molester there named Paul Little who when he was discovered immediately turned himself in and went to jail, only to get an attorney and attempt to plead innocent several years later. This trick would give him a leg up in a trial because the two little boys who he molested would not be able to testify as well after such a time lapse and the turmoil would tend to make most families not want to go forward.

Paul Little did not count on two things: Deering residents Garrick Pelletier and me doing a “little” stalking of our own and a very determined mother. Our constant opposition kept him in jail. I learned a whole lot about molesters and our judicial system in the process.

At one point I contacted Paul little in the Concord Prison posing as a reporter who wanted to do a story about innocent people who wound up in jail because of a church. The dumb ass bit and I got letters from him and had phone conversations with him. So I know a thing or two about how molesters think, I think.

So in my opinion Ray Burton's actions are inexcusable. Little people with no defenses need all of us to protect them at all times from the horror of being molested.

Burton passes himself off as caring about his constituents but in reality let the most vulnerable of them down in favor of personal desires.

I will help any serious Democrat who wants to run against him.

Ed Naile, Chair CNHT