One Big Happy Family

The nomination of Harriet Miers to the US Supreme Court by President Bush has angered “conservatives” according to the press.

So I looked up one so-called conservative group, Public Advocacy, on the web and they are indeed pro-life, pro-family, anti gay marriage, etc. But when I saw one of the spokesmen for the group on a talk show he was angry at Bush for not appointing someone like Ann Coulter. Ann Coulter! So how do you take this group seriously if they are making public statements like that. What serious pick could President Bush have made that would have placated a group like that. It would be impossible.

I have heard press reports of other so-called conservatives being upset with Meirs such as William Kristol and Pat Buchanan but are they conservatives? Not in my book. Both are pundits who make a living giving analysis from a conservative point of view. If either one wants to get TV face time the surest, guaranteed way is to criticize Republicans. Either one will do it at the drop of a hat because their conservative credentials were long ago dropped in favor of self-promotion and inside the beltway intrigue.Once you go the DC route you lose credibility.

If you look at real conservative organizations with a track records run by people like Paul Weyrich, Phyllis Schlafly, and Gary Bauer you will find misgivings but not outright opposition because there is not enough information available to the public. The suggestion Mrs Miers has had a spiritual transformation late in life may ease religious conservatives concerns but proof is still not available. I think the press is as usual looking for division in the conservative ranks as they usually do which isn't news to anyone who watches the major media sell its wares.

In fact, liberals who run the news outlets have so little conception of how or what conservatives think that they are almost unable to see some of the subtler aspects of the Meirs pick that are right in front of them.

When I look at this nomination one thing comes to mind. If George bush has picked a more female version of David Souter who proves to be a liberal Trojan Horse, then he has to face one inevitable result.

There will never be such a thing as President Jeb Bush.

Do you think the Bush family works that way?

Ed Naile, Chair CNHT
Host of NH Taxpayer Radio