Ethics Non-existent In Bedford

Remember to keep your car windows rolled up when you drive through Bedford.

The new school's real purpose; opening up the town for a wild and woolly ride through commercial land investment schemes has finally raised its ugly head and people are catching on. Something has begun to cook in Bedford and it smells like dirty money.

Oops, that may sound a little harsh so I will just relate the facts as I know them now.

Hannaford Bros. Co wants to build a store in Bedford on Rt 101 and Jenkins Road.

Hannafords just gave the Town of Bedford $265,000.00 to run a water line to the parcel as part of a project the town was already involved with.

Hannafords gave the $265,000.00 to Bedford “per the Town's request” according to a letter I have dated August 18, 2005, before the grocery chain was given approval from the Town to build.

Now it is not uncommon for a large project to have traffic, environmental, or other such studies performed at a prospective developer's expense, BUT TO PLACE A WATER LINE TO THE AREA? That is more like extortion.

The Hannaford's letter even states they “acknowledge and agrees that payment of such amount is not made contingent on subsequent approval of Hannafords store at the intersection by the Town.”

Well that makes it all better then.

You can see the Hannafords letter along with other “Captured Documents” here:

More Bedford Tales From the Crypt to come!

Ed Naile, Chair